Wednesday, February 3, 2010
(hopefully its reported and the web host kills it soon)

The site was promptly killed by the webhost.
Its interesting to note that I emailed a TV station where the scammer lives to ask them to highlight this situation and perhaps prevent others from doing the same thing.
No response, which is customary as not too many people, especially those who can do something about them, care about internet scams.

Registration data:
Jones Brain (

How many people are named Jones Brain?

If you Google the address:
2 Jalan, Taman Tun Perek
You get:
Which means its a ficticious address.

A Google search on the email address reveals:

junald fuentes
Male, 18, Single, Santa Cruz, Davao del Sur, PH
hi im jones add me

The Google search also reveals a link to a suspended blog
(click here)

The Yahoo profile:
18? 36?

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