Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alexandra Oncescu and Bogdan Ionut Dita

The scammer who stole money from the person "Nick" in the BBC report:
Internet car sale scam exposed

Is none other than:
Alexandra Oncescu
Oncescu and her boyfriend, Dita, are originally from Pitesti, Romania.
They now live in Madrid, Spain have been quite busy over the past several years scamming people, mostly in the UK.

Ms Oncescu enjoys posting about people and bragging about her scamming abilities.
She's a very vindictive person.
You can see posts she made on and stories about her:

Ms Oncescu actually had the nerve to leave me messages on this blog:

"You also have captcha and approval. Man, you got big since 2008. I watch your blog daily for new scams for us, already told you, you are a great source of inspiration, but never tried to post something. Now I see that you are so big and important that you have captcha and shit. What is this? Craigslist? You work with the secret service, with cia, with fbi, with DIICOT. eres como un vigilante, like the punisher. You were so green in this business in 2008, posting on now you have your own blog, you make a difference. Good for you, good for you. Keep posting new things for us."

"I would like to thank you. You are a great source of inspiration for all romanian scammers. You know, there is a great competition between us, some come up with new scams, and we don't know where to find them, in order to do them ourselves. Your blog is gold for us. new scams, new rip-off tactics. Keep up the good work. Like these scam websites you found, the one that sell cars, please, keep on posting them, we will copy the websites and do the scams ourselves. thank you m8. Signed:, remember us? you never found our websites from 2008, why? it was fun. how is sandy_bitch? and your correct name would be iau_muie. "

So I thought I would give her something she can truely enjoy reading.

Here is what some of the sites looked like:

Here are some of their sites, including the ones she thinks I didn't know about from 2008:

Alexandra, Ce aveţi de spus acum?
Sunteţi Fiind foarte liniştită.

Ms Oncescu came by for a visit 7-5-10 and here is what she had to say:

Please wait for a site operator to respond...
Operator No Muie has joined the chat.
No Muie: Hi hi, wait a minute I will reveal one of the most dangerous scammers * URL deleted* this guy right here click you see? you have to search for this guy, he is extremely dangerous you know what it says on the paper? of course not, you are from UK Should I translate?
No Muie: sure I beat and I f**k like a sewing machine this guy can do it
No Muie: and what does this mean to me? that you should go after him, he is probably more guilty of all the people you post here. guilty of pick pocketing probably , but guilty nevertheless and he is funny as hell too
No Muie: like you Alexandra? lol yes, like me baby lol
No Muie: :) we have decided to sandbox your blog for a while, you want? until you behave
No Muie: sandbox? you don't know what sandbox is? lol
No Muie: sorry, no
No Muie: ddos? you will see soon. always afraid of ddos, you should know that google protects your ass, we can't do that here. maybe on aa419 we will sandbox you baby, and no one will know you exist, if you are not indexed on google
No Muie: I cannot stop you from doing things. maybe that guy from aa419, earl will see you and the other guy I called "the most dangerous villane of the decade"
No Muie: Gonaz?
No Muie: lol gonna slap you hard, aye why do you keep posting this idiotic shipping website? they still work? they scam uk people I think they don't make money muie
The visitor has left the chat.
The chat is ended.

Please wait for a site operator to respond...
Operator No Muie has joined the chat.
No Muie: hello Alexandra Hello How do you know it is me?
No Muie: suprised? yes very
No Muie: I know you must be shocked
No Muie: It was fun to see you posting on aa419
No Muie: I have to admit I am not "green" yes, you are not green How did you found me?
No Muie: congratulations on your babay
No Muie: oops baby
No Muie: Is Bogdan going to marry you? Dita? Yes, I think so, still waiting for the proposal
No Muie: I am sorry it has to be this way.
No Muie: People shouldn't scam. but how did you found us, this is amazing
No Muie: You said it yourself, I know many people in DIICOT, USSS,FBI yes, I can see now. DIICOT was at our home they broke our door
No Muie: oops
No Muie: they like to do that yes, they do. anyway, nothing ever happens, they scream
a little, "get down" and then after interrogating a little and find the
laptop encrypted, no evidence, they let you go same old, same old we are in us now anyway
No Muie: like Massachusetts? yes, you see the socks?
No Muie: I see Comcast Salem yes, you see the socks I am using
No Muie: I didn't think you were using your real IP yes, you are utterly smart that's why you got us now what?
No Muie: I don't know what to say.
No Muie: I am not God or the police.
No Muie: You must live with what you did. Yes, I will repay all my victims, get the name of those
two probably innocent people from there You made me laugh enough My entire team is laughing their asses off for the last
No Muie: I didn't think you were being sincere. And that guy you offer as present for the fat Americans
of 4 of July, lol
No Muie: Stancu, yes That is the scammer? you have seen the house beside him
in the picture? that guy scams people hahahaha with the millions he scams he built a house made of mud
No Muie: Oh, I thought that was Disneyland Romania man, I am not going to tell you more, you know already
enough. If you get paid for the things you do, congratulations. If you
don't, allow me to laugh a little more and get the f**k out of here. It
stinks of greenhorn.
The visitor has left the chat.
The chat is ended.

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