Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Registration Service Provider:
08709126612 (fax)
This company may be contacted for domain login/passwords,
DNS/Nameserver changes, and general domain support questions.

...yes and ask them how and why they can allow someone to register a domain named:

Using erroneous contact data:
Administrative Contact:
courier, fedex
johan, johannesburg BS10 5NG

A simple Google search of reveals:

In addition to using a domain to most likely send spoof emails pretending to be FedEx, is also a romance scammer.

I am very glad to meet you on this site, however l love to share, l love to
preserve and l will love to hold for a lifetime relationship with somebody my
heart longs for.
I am Dickson Walls, I am currently working in UK , I am 38 years of old. girl,
I am a honest, loving, caring and sincere, I am a man who knows the
pricelessness of a sincere relationship. A man who will love to go a long way
and an extra mile for the woman who will sincerely and carelessly share her
precious time with me, holding a special place for me in her heart.
To me, l really desire a woman to build a future with, who is sincere,
responsible, caring understanding. it just don't matter much how you look on
the outside in this relationship but it really matters how you look right inside
because "beauty is skin deep". If you really sincerely want to build a
world of passion, caring, sharing those emotional feelings that seems to
betrayed and a committed long-term relationship, I'm yours! Together we can
create great impressions in each other heart that's forever.
Well get to know more about me at or
can call me on +447045759841 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +447045759841 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
l really don't want to play around, l want to get to your heart and show
you the deepest love and passions that is endless. l hope you will understand my
heart-beats. I look forward to reading from you.
Dickson walls

Leia Mais… Total threats found: 19

Threats found: 18
Here is a sample:

Threat Name: Trojan.Malscript!html

Threat Name: Trojan.Malscript!html

Threat Name: Trojan.Malscript!html

Threat Name: Trojan.Malscript!html

Threat Name: Trojan.Malscript!html

Threat Name: Trojan.Malscript!html

Threat Name: Trojan.Malscript!html

Threat Name: Trojan.Malscript!html

Threat Name: Trojan.Malscript!html

Threat Name: Trojan.Malscript!html

Phishing Attacks (what's this?)
Threats found: 1
Here is a complete list:


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Sunday, March 28, 2010 not safe?

Threats found: 2
Here is a complete list:

Threat Name: Trojan Horse

Threat Name: Hacktool

Trojan Horse and Hacktool on a server in Romania?

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eBay Craigslist Merger?

Not quite.
Its just another fake domain created by scammers to send fake emails to intended victims.

More spoof sites listed here:

Here are the other domains I posted on yesterday.

How are these domains allowed?

This wouldn't happen for example on Main Street or the local shopping mall.
If I opened a store and someone else decided to open a store next to me using the same name I'd sue them in court.
I would want to protect my company's name.

There is actually no legitimate reason why these domains are allowed to be registered and hosted.
They are obvious spoof domains created by scammers for the sole purpose of defauding inexperienced internet users.
I don't think its a freedom of speech issue.

See the amount of similar spoof domains myself and others have posted:

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Florescu Gheorghe Bogdan

Florescu Gheorghe Bogdan

Last known location:
City :Rm Valcea
Stat : VAlcea
Country : Romania "suspended" "also suspended"

Some of the fake escrow, shipping and phishing sites he was involved in: Phishing site

I will create posts with data on his accomplices in the future.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Guess The Fake Escrow

I've done a post entitled "Guess the Scammer" so I thought I would do one as "Guess The Fake Escrow".
The scammers involved are (big surprise) Romanians.

Lets start by revealing some of the data from this group of scammers.
I'll reveal the identities of the scammers later.
Some people aren't going to be happy when that happens.
I'm sure this post is going to cause a lot of consternation amongst scammers and others, but nothing is going to happen unless there's a big stink made.
(to quote a US Secret Service contact)

All the victims were sellers on eBay and all shipped their items to Spain.

Here are just some of the items that were stolen:

1.Fedex 850984997755,14k Certified Authentic Mens Ruby& Diamond Ring,1100$,item #4996240152
2.Fedex 845317547540,Princess Cut Diamond,3500$
3.Fedex 849573539716,Real Diamond Gorgeous Ladies Engagement/Wedding Ring,2000$,item #4996989807
4.Fedex 848031329301 One of a kind diamond ring,colorless(F), clarity SI,6000$,item #4996741965
5.Fedex 850257477540,A GORGEOUS GLITTERY TWINKLING DIAMOND,11500$,item #4996600216
6.Fedex 846569024968,Men's 14k yellow gold 3 diamond 1ct total weight ring,1500$,item #4995575033
7.USPS ET 526562303 US,14kt. White Gold, 5/8 ct. tw. Diamond Wedding Set,700$,item #4995069200
8.Fedex 849492343565,PLATINUM LADIES DIAMOND AND TANZANITE FASHION PENDANT,5000$,item #4996251808
9.UPS 1Z5478586642700313, Rolex Ladies 18K,2300$,item #4995914457
10.Fedex 849188181239,3 Stone Engagement Ring with center Canadian Diamond,2000$,item #5000034543
11.UPS 1ze45a096611007387,Diamond Ring,2500$ 12.UPS 1Z32W3716600386396,Diamond engagement ring plus wedding ban,1800$,item #4999202532
13.Fedex 851811770795,DAVID YURMAN SILVER/WHITE+YELLOW GOLD BRACELET+DIAMONDS,2000$,item #4998477021
14.UPS 1Z4AR8786600063958,Diamond Engagement Ring,600$,item #4998975974
15.Fedex 847124190067,Plat. Ring setting, 6-prong head, 2 pear-shape diamonds,700$,item #4999348353
16.Fedex 1Z826E5F6600335590,Lds 14K White Gold Diamond Braclet,800$,item #5000292946
17.UPS 1ZX332816625627336 ,Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring,4000$,item #4999668239
18.Fedex 1Z0E976V6626005935,Tanzanite and diamond ring 14K yellow gold,800$,item #5000257272
19,UPS 46820474335,Diamond ring,3000$,item #5000536336
20.UPS 1ZEY44896690613891,Chopard Diamond Watch,1500$, item #5000888672
21.UPS 1zw3784x6646658694,Gold Necklaces & Diamond Ring,750$,item #4999512376
22.Fedex 848388908432,Opal set in 18ct and diamonds,2400$,item #4999692372
23.UPS 1ZR35W726609365416,diamond solitare ring and a diamond and sapphire,2500$
24.Fedex 847128024805,Beautiful and Unique 1940?s Diamond Dinner Ring,2400$,item #4995602146
25.Fedex 851967597173,Must Sell 31+ctw sapphire & 2+ ctw diamond bracelet,item #4996381203,4500$
26.Fedex 850949807958,14K White Gold Diamond and Burmese Sapphire Ring,item #5000374438 ,1000$
27.UPS 1ZW329X46624136220,1 1/4 k diamond bridal set,3000$
28.Fedex 851554436307,PLATINUM DIAMOND wedding set,2800$
29.Ups 1Z 319 056 54 4109 8942,MIKIMOTO 18K WGold South Sea Black Pearl & Diamond Ring,3500$,item #4999562658
30.Fedex 791096523152,4.37ct. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring,25500$,item #4995304103
31.Fedex 851549278879,White gold and diamond wedding set,2000$,item #4995696087
32.UPS M1234745166,PLATINUM Half Eternity DIAMOND set RING,1200$,item #4998553601
33.UPS 1ZXX15886632400654,1 CT. T.W. ROUND MULTI-DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY BAND IN 14,item #4998821001,600$
34.Fedex 815041407170,.63ct Round (6-prong) Diamond Solitair Engagement Ring,2000$,item #5000916506
35.Fedex 850988688015, Tacori design platinum diamond engagement ring, $5,000
36.UPS 1ZX170426741730367,BEAUTIFUL RARE DIAMOND HEART ENGAGMENT RING,2000$,item #4999852297
37.Fedex 847817196420,Beautiful Solitare Diamond Ring,1150$,item #5000380626
38.Fedex 46734549178,Brilliant Round Diamond Solitaire Platinum Wedding Set,3500$,item #4993769424
39.Dhl 830 4184 593,New Beautiful Diamond Engagement/Anniversary Ring,1200$,item #4995916585
40.Fedex 845084248158,BEAUTIFUL LADIES SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND RING,item #4994935038,2400$ 850645876461,/2 ct. tw. Diamond white gold 14k anniversary ring,800$
42.Fedex 851565774943,Custom Made Diamond Necklac,7000$,item #4998947816

Here are more items:

1.UPS 1ZX761926641917606,Wedding Bands+Ladies 14kYellow Gold Diamond Ring,380$+1850$,2 acarete,item number item #4910735369
2.Fedex 791291433897,Ladys Gold and DiamondWatch,1800$,item number 4910107508
3.Fedex 790696057558 ,Diamond EngagementRing,1500$,item number 4909482738
4.Fedex 8173 6267 2710,1.5Ct gold diamondring,5500$,item #4909458048
5.UPS 1Z5FT3520495010613,1Z5FT3440495010816,. 58CTDIAMOND RING BRIDAL SET,1000$,item #4910536149
6.Fedex 8465 6279 3322,6.80 Ct WG Diamond TennisBracelet,2700$,Item #4910671924 7.Fedex 790204464721,gold ring with threediamonds,2600$,nu stiu item number
8.Fedex 8437 0422 7262,Stainles steel rolex datejustwith diamond bezel,2600$,item number 4909776165
9.Fedex 8471 2348 6386,Tanzanite and Diamond TennisBracelet,2000$,item number #4910503273
10.Fedex 7906 9689 7255,Diamond Engagement ring 14kgold round brilliant cut diamond,2000$,item number4909965031
11.Fedex 8453 2110 3256,One ladies Ring Guard and oneDiamond solitaire,1700$,item number 4909536334
12.Fedex 8480 2808 3061,Diamond ring with 18 caratgold band diamond is 1 carat,2700$,item number4910681629
13.Fedex 845322362073,ct tw diamond and platinum tennisbracelet,4000$,nu stiu item number
14.Fedex 844292638821,NEW BREITLING SUPER AVENGERDIVERS CHRONOGRAPH,2600$,item number 4909874932
15.Fedex 847832699374 ,Diamond Engagment ring PlatinumSetting,2300$,item number #4910346673
16.Royal mail Airsure LY01399635 0GB,crisscuttri-diamond, platinum engagement ring,3000$
17.Fedex 791886558570,platinum diamond and sapphirering 1.67 carat natural blue sapphire,3000$,itemnumber 4910330021
18.Fedex 839268618150,DIAMOND ENGAGEMENTRING,2100$,item number 4910552035
19.EMS EE666177778 AU,18 carat Gold Saphire andDiamond Gold Dress Ring,3800$,item number 4909467210
20.USPS ra877713239us,diamond bracelet from italy ,62diamonds ,platinum ,7500$,item number 4910304481
21.USPS 8257887422,2.20 cwt pink sapphire ring with .46,3000$,item number 4909844954
22.Fedex 658544345752,14K gold necklace with 1.82diamonds,1780$,item number 4910776932 23.Fedex 652543043817,Cartier- Santos,1500$,item number 4909877330
24.FEDEX: 790205970532,Diamond Engagement Ring .42c,2200$,item #4910996360
25.Fedex 653260272657,14K ring with diamond,1600$
26.USPS ER 735726659 US,Woman's Solitaire CinnamonDiamond Ring,1300$,item #4910401889
27.Fedex 846249446194, $4.2k diamond and pearl necklaceby yvel brandnewinbox,2800$,item #4910223535
28.Fedex 845316884250 ,14 K yellow gold diamond,3200$,item #3920214377
29.Fedex 835088245050 ,Beatifull PL 1.7 EngagementDiamond Ring,2100$,item #4910170658
30.Fedex 844560170385 ,platinum diamond eng agementring and matching band,3000$,item #4910013261
31.Fedex 790207625122,14K Vintage Rolex Midsize OysterPerpetual,2000$,item number 4910931942
32.Fedex 847130007375, Rolex Submariner,4000$,item#4910850830
33.UPS 1Z 92211V0445067112, ROLEX DATEJUST LADY'S18kGold/SS + 10 Diamonds,2100$,item number 4910224188
34.Fedex 848027412670,18KGold Men's Bretlingwristwatch,13500$,item #4914091686
35.Fedex 847828772600,100% Auth. CARTIER Lady ROADSTERPINK WATCH,3000$,item #4915525573
36.Fedex 8478 2390 6510,Cartier 18K GoldRing,1500$,item #4915277816
37.Fedex 848025884564,CUSTOM MADE PIAGET 18kt YELLOWGOLD WRISTWATCH,9500$,item #4914356168
38.Fedex 847182173262,GENTS OMEGA SEAMASTERWATCH,1500$,item number4915623929
39.FEDEX 839266879485,Fancy 18K White Gold Ruby andDiamond Bracelet,8000$,item #4915540289
40.Fedex 848546022864,2 carat diamond ring set inplatinum,2000$,
41.Fedex 848638263419,Tag Heuer Ladies Wristwatchdiamond inset,2300$,item #4909807428
42.Fedex 848025944600,Longines 14kt Yellow Gold Watch,Mens,2000$,item #4914834396 43.Fedex 847829924264, 1.6 Carat Pear Shaped Diamond ,5800$,item #4914693612
44.Fedex 824089128260,vacheron constatine watch,2000$
45.Fedex 845322976606,Omega Wrist watch with diamondbezel in 18K gold,2170$

The mule for some of the sites was:
Alex Georgescu
Listed in the Guess the Scammer thread:

Ok Ok no guesses so I will start to leave hints.

Here is the contact information from one of the sites:

87 Yarmouth Road
Norwich, NORFOLK
Licensed and bond under no: 04050938 at Companies
House UK

Companies House
31 Bloomsburry Street
Tel: 0870 3333636
Fax: 02920380900
(OoOoOO scammers love that Companies House huh?)

Some of the sites were created by people at:

They were:
Valentin Balanescu
and someone named:

Oh what the's another tid bit..this guy was involved too:

Nicolescu Lucian
"Lucian is a Software Architect with about a decade of hands-on experience in planning and developing we applications."
I'm sure he meant "web" applications, like fake escrow sites.

The domain was used in conjunction with some of these sites. is also connected to the sites by these scammers:
The domain was basically used by the scammers for email addresses:

The scammers also ran a job scam.
They tried to get people to post fake auctions on eBay and used these email addresses:

The major player in these fake escrow sites was:

Ghinescu Radu Mihai

Owner of
Leader Paco Group
and previously a "Sales Manager"
at the aforementioned:
Tel: 0727979797

Here are some links to show what he's more currently been up to and about some "questionable" activities he's been involved in:

(click the text they're links)

Here is an article about him and an investigation into his activities in the UK

An article about him on

The fake escrow sites all these people were involved in were:

Layouts for the sites can be seen here:

Another person involved is:

Chirita Alexandru aka Chirita Alexandru Florin

An interesting story about him can be seen here:


He has ads platered all over the internet using the email address:

"Alexandru" aka "Dexter" was also involved in scams with:

They conspired to use people in a job scam using the fake company:

West Computers
Centro Comercial Miramar - av. Encarnación s/n local C39 -
29640 Fuengirola
Tel: +34-617-676-959
Fax: +34-951-238-032

More data will be added as it becomes available.
Feel free to leave comments blelow.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Companies House UK OK? No Way

Companies House

Their web site explains what they do:

Companies House's function is to register companies based in the UK and make that data available to verify those companies legitimacy.
The registrations can be performed through third party companies set up on the internet.

The problem is that scammers are now registering fake companies through those third party firms.

This opens the doors to all kinds of scams on the internet.

Sites like rely on legitimate records to verify the legal existance of companies claiming to me registered with Companies House in order to get fraud sites closed down quickly.
Scammers quite frequently claim that on their fake sites.

Verification of this claim can be made through a legitimate third party.
Inquiries for this data must be from valid law enforcement agencies only.
Please leave a comment, which will not be published, with your contact information.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mircea Lucian Tapus

Mircea Lucian Tapus


Bucharest, Bucharest 07000

Currently owns and runs:
(appropriate domain name)

Tapus is also listed as the owner of:

Also worked with:

Using the fake escrow sites labeled:
D.E.X and H.V.B Office Escrow Services
Mr Tapus swindled eBay sellers of jewelry and laptops.

Here are some of the domains he created and used:

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Catalin Ilie

Catalin Ilie


Mr Ilie worked with this scammer:
Vasile Bogdan
Mircea Lucian Tapus
He also worked with this group:

Gabriel Ghelase Pantea
Date Of Birth
Helped with the scams after he moved to the UK.

This person is a known "carder" and worked with the group to create the drop off points for the stolen items
that were sent to the UK
Renu Subramnaiam
United Kingdom
Here are some stories about "Jilsi"

Ahhh yes and the Java Bean Internet Cafe.
Home of eBay scammers for a while.
Still go there Jony?

Also involved in some of the scams was:
Daniel Laptes

Some of the sites involved:

See some of the layouts here:

More data will become available when I have the time.

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