Tuesday, August 10, 2010


payment-department-inc.com SCAM FRAUD


Scammer is sending spoof emails pretending to be eBay:

New eBay Motors VPP Transaction
Case ID: 26M9LT26WFN28
Item: 1990 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon GL
Price: $2,500.00 CAD

Seller Verified Profile

eBay Motors Member in good standing from 7 years 6 months.
Registered e-mail address: dav.turner@hotmail.com
Identity and Contact Information Verified.
Continues to meet strict Membership Criteria.
Committed to Dispute Resolution and Mediation.
Purchase Protection Coverage up to

The scammer is asking for Western Union funds to be wired to:

eBay Financing Center Agent*:
First Name: Paul
Last Name: Perez
Address: 64 Newman Street
City: London
Zip: W1T 3EF
Country: United Kingdom

Here are some excerpts from emails sent to an intended victim:

The eBay listing was canceled because the credit card that I had on file for eBay listing payments expired two months ago and I forgot to change it on eBay so eBay suspended my listing because they could not charge my credit card.
I have explained to you the entire procedure. I told you that you'll have 5 days to inspect the van. In case you will not be agree with my van you will have to return it back to eBay and they will give you a fully refund.
To initiate a new transaction case at eBay Vehicle Protection Program I need your Full Name and Shipping Address and we will complete this deal safe and quick.
I'm very sorry for this inconvenience and I hope that you will make a good decision regard this transaction.

God bless us all
Kind regards
Corporal David Turner

I have sent our details to ebay and I got the invoice. Can you please check your email for the invoice, also look into your bulk folder too, sometimes messages get lost in there.

Please read it carefully so you can understand the entire process and let me know when you can complete this transaction so I can make all the arrangements for delivery.
Also I have a friendly advise, don't tell at the Western Union office that this is the payment for a Internet purchase or you send the money to an ebay account/agent, because both of us will be extra charged with some extra fees for making e-commerce. We can avoid paying this extra money. If the Western Union agent ask you, just tell that the money are for a relative/friend. I will also do the same thing with the shipping so you don't have to pay any fees. I am not willing to spend some useless money, I hope you will understand why I am asking you this.

I will declare to the Logistic Department that you are my cousin, and I have to send the van over to your home, to keep it there while I'm in Afghanistan, so the estimated shipping cost is about 200$ (all delivery cost included). With the van you'll receive 2 keys, original invoice, service book, carfax, 4 summer tires and all the van's documents and manuals.
Also you have to pay a normal transfer fee at Western Union office, this fee is around $150, but since I pay for the delivery it will be nice if you can pay this fee, if you don't have any extra money right now you can deduct this fee from the total amount.

Kind Regards
Corporal David Turner


My 1990 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon GL runs and drives excellent. This van has been extremely well maintained
with a full service history. It's in perfect condition without any mechanical problems, with no damages or hidden defects,
no need for additional repairs, clear title without any accidents. This van runs and drives excellent. I have all the van's manuals, all the documents and papers.
I have dropped my price to $2,500.00 CAD (purchase price) since this is an urgent sale and I need to sell it before 29th of
August when I will be deployed in Afghanistan with my platoon replacing the troops scheduled to come home.
To conclude this deal in a timely manner, the financial part will be managed by the eBay . They are acting like a third
party in our deal. Which means that you will have 5 days inspection period before committing to buy the vehicle. In this way
both, buyer and seller are 100% covered during the steps of this transaction.

If you're interested to conclude this purchase in a timely manner email me your Full Name, Home Address and Phone Number to
open a case with eBay and they will contact you to explain the entire procedure.

Kind regards

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www.globalsafecourier.com FRAUD SCAM
globalsafecourier.com FRAUD SCAM

I reported this site on aa419.org on Wed Dec 16, 2009 6:23 pm

Database entry here:

The web host has been informed several times about this fraud site and has taken no action against the scammers.

Bunditraksana, Surat support@porar.com
9/5 soi. Ratchadaphisek 18,
Ratchadaphisek rd.
Huaykwang, Bangkok 10320

The site is run by scammers based in Romania.
They are asking for payments using MoneyGram.
The victims are being instructed to send money to a person in Memphis, TN.
NEVER use instant payment services like MoneyGram for internet purchases.

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