Friday, May 4, 2012 FRAUD  Fake Fraud Scam is a fake shipping and escrow site run by scammers in Romania.

These scammers place fake advertisements for rare cars on the internet and get victims to send money for them.

This is a site run by the same scammers that I posted about here:

More examples of these scammer's previous sites are posted here:

The fake company claims to have offices in the UK and USA:
Europe Offices
5 Custom House Reach Odessa St.
SE16 7LX
United Kingdom

U.S.A. Offices
1215 Locust Street
PA 19107
United States
Here is an image of the fake site:


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New site Fake Fraud Scam
The site is a scam run by Romanians.
There are many other posts on my blog containing similar sites.
These scammers request Green Dot Moneypack payments and also credit cards.
Do not send copies of your personal information to these scammers.

Here is a video and article on the site:,0,4512555.story

Previous posts on this scam are here:

Here is an image of the site:


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