About Me

I've been fighting and reporting scams and scammers for almost 10 years.
In the process I have learned a great deal about those internet scams and scammers as you can see by the posts on this blog.

I joined AA419.ORG  in September of 2006.
where I have posted 10,000 times, most of those being fake sites.
I decided to stop posting there in order to concentrate on this blog.
I still "contribute" sites for others to post.

This blog generates money using Google AD Sense.
I also accept donations with PayPal (don't be shy, donate a few dollars)
I currently spend approximately $1500 a year of my own money to fight scammers.
I've been doing this for 8 years.
That comes to about $12,000.
During this time I have saved thousands of people millions of dollars.

Due to the fact that PayPal has successfully bled my account to the point that the donations no longer will cover my costs, I cannot afford to do this any longer.

Have something to say? Email me.
Or leave me a voice message
(202) 503-4439

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