Friday, July 30, 2010

Fake eBay VPP Online Support

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The following are fake eBay Live Chat sites:

Newest site here:

These sites are designed to make people believe they are signing in to the actual eBay site.

If you used these sites you probably gave the scammers your eBay ID and password.
The scammers will then use your account to create fraud listings in order to steal from other eBay users.

Here are some of the lies these scammers are using to rip off eBay users:

The item is not longer listed on eBay due to a buyer who pressed the "Buy It Now" button but failed to complete the transaction. The item is still under the VPP program and the invoice you will (have) receive (received) acts like a second chance offer so you can purchase it.

The transfer is 100% safe. Do not transfer any money through Western Union directly to the seller! Only transfers sent to the eBay Agents are 100% covered by the Vehicle Purchase Protection Program.

Once you complete the Western Union Money Transfer you will have to confirm the payment by sending us the Western Union payment receipt to Fax#:(954) 606-4446, you will also have to contact the seller and send the shipping details.eBay will check your payment and if everything is in order we will contact the seller to proceed with shipping to your address.

It's best NOT to mention when making the payment at Western Union, that you're making an eBay purchase, just say money goes to a friend of yours! Because of some new financial reglementations that will be implemented somewhere before the end of November, 2010, your purchase will no longer be TAX-FREE, and will have to show in your Annual Credit Report. This is only an advise that is in your best interest.

Don't fall for this scam!
NEVER use instant payment services like Western Union or MoneyGram to pay for items on line.

For more spoof sites see the list:

Here is a related video compliments of:


Using MoneyGram payments for fake car listings on their site.
NEVER use instant payment services for internet transactions.

Here is the scammer's phone number:
(888) 346-4104

Recent scam ads:

The scammers previously ran ads on Backpage for the site:

These scammers are also using to forward intended victims to

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