Friday, November 26, 2010 RESHIPPING SCAM   FAKE FRAUD SCAM

(The site is a spoof of the old Fortis Escrow.)
Is currently looking for "suckers" to reship stolen items overseas.
The scammers buy items on the internet using stolen credit cards and ship them to you.
Your job is to cover their a$$e$ so they don't take the heat.
The persons who shipped the items to YOU will go after YOU, not the scammers overseas.

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The scammers posted an ad on Craigslist:


I am a hiring manager of company the Fortis Market Escrow, Lic. Please read the job description below.

Correspondence manager/courier
Whether you are looking for a professional career or a part-time position we are right for you!. You'll have access to the following benefits: More than $40,000 per year, Comprehensive medical and life insurance for you and your dependents, Great starting pay and annual raises, Direct deposit, Set work schedule and so on!

Full age. 2-3 free hours per week (mainly in the evening / non-business hours).Computer, e-mail address, printer.

Job description:
1. Receive the correspondence.
2. Report to our manager.
3. Receive money from our company for shipping (or prepaid shipping labels).
4. Fill the forms and papers as it will be shown in our managers instructions
(you will receive e-mail with instructions for each box).
5. Ship the package out using the specified shipping method.
6. First month we offer $25,00 / each received package.

The salary:
We pay 25 dollars/for each received package. You will receive the salary every 2 weeks. For example, you have received 30 packages, Your salary - 30packages * $25 = $750. We will send to you your salary via a Bank Check, PayPal or Wire transfer.
In the first month you will receive at the most 10 packages per week. Then 40-50 packages per week.

You need no money to start working with us. If you agree for this work or you have additional questions, please tell me.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you!
Robert Rooks

P.S. If you are responding to an email previously sent, please make sure the body of all previous correspondence is included. I generally receive and respond to 50-100 emails a day, and I get confused easily.

Here is a copy of a BS email he sends his intended "workers":

In most cases you will receive packages for your name. But you will
sometimes receive the goods not for your name, I will explain why. When
we buy this goods, we use the virtual/prepaid credit cards. When we
receive these cards, we know only: the number of a card, expired date and CVV a
code. Actually, we use nonexisting names, and we cannot use your name
because ACTUALLY you did not buy this goods. Why the goods are sent not
for your name because shops and catalogues never will send the goods on
different shipping and billing info. You understand? But, as a rule, we
have the contract with shop and consequently you will receive packages for
your name.
Please confirm reception of this email!
Have a Good Day!
Hiring manager / Robert Rooks
Fortis Market Escrow, Lic

He also signs his emails:
Love, Peace and Happiness for All....
Hiring manager / Robert Rooks
Fortis Market Escrow, Lic
Here are some images of the fake site:

Oh! what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!
Sir Walter Scott
NEVER use instant payment services like Western Union or MoneyGram to buy items on the internet.


eBay jewelry sellers are being targeted by a scammer using the fake escrow site

I received this thanks from an intended victim of this site:

"This site just saved me several thousand $$$ in jewelry. We listed on EBAY and JAMES SCOTT contacted us with an offer if we would send to Spain. He told us he had a bad experience with Pay Pal and wanted to use this website. Got a bad gut feeling and so we looked into where global shoponline was located. Thank you for the information and saving our butts. James Scott used for his emails."

The site is being hosted in Thailand.
Chaiyo Hosting Co., Ltd. +66.21870187
Chaiyo Hosting Co., Ltd.
3312/33-34 2-3 FL Zone A Soi Ladprao 101 Ladprao rd.
Klongchan Bangkapi,Bangkok,TH 10240
As with the sites mentioned below the account is registered to a non existant AOL account:
The site is being charged to an ID theft victim in Statesville,NC, 28625
The scammer(s) are also running clone fake sites using the same web host:
Mentioned in a previous post here:

The scammer is asking his intended victims to ship their items to Spain.
NEVER use an escrow site that is not on eBay's list of approved sites.
Important: Only use
More information on using eBay and escrow here:

Here are some inages of the fake site:

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