Saturday, March 26, 2011 SCAM  FAKE FRAUD SCAM

Scammer is using:
Google Checkout Ltd.
Whois for the site:

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The scammer is also using the identity:
 SFC John W. Norgaard
75th Ranger Regiment

Dear customer  ,

We are an online service!
Now you are involved in the Google Checkout transaction #  with our seller John W. Norgaard.
Our service was made to help the US Army members to sell goods online !
You must send the money to our agent representative from the payment invoice by Western Union , in one transfer of $ .
After you will send the payment, you must fax the receipt of transfer to our fax number : +1 (888) 875 - 8814.
If you can't send the fax with the receipt of transfer you can send us a scanned copy of the receipt at our email address:
Once we will receive the payment details from you we will instruct U.S. Army Military Vehicle Transport to start the shipping process !
When we will receive the copy of the transfer from you, on the same day,  we will send you the shipping invoice and there you will have the phone number of our agent that will ship you the vehicle, so you can talk with him by the phone all the shipping details and the time when you will be available to receive the vehicle !
U.S. Army Military Vehicle Transport program will select from their list of agents the person that will take care of the shipping!
Only after we will have the copy of the transfer we will instruct the U.S. Army Military Vehicle Transport to start the shipping process,and after that they will know who will be the agent that will take care of the shipping !
Google Checkout service will protect you for this transaction ! Make the transfer with confidence to our agent.
You will have 5 days to inspect the vehicle before we will send the money to the seller.
You don't buy the vehicle before you test it , you just send us the money so we can inform U.S. Army Military Vehicle Transport to ship you the vehicle.
If for any reasons you will reject the vehicle,we will give all your money back and U.S. Army Military Vehicle Transport will take the vehicle back.
Make the transfer to our agent from the payment invoice and send us the receipt of payment so we can start the transaction.
If you have any questions contact us at :
Google Checkout Payment Ltd. !
From: "" <>
To: Intended victim
 2003 Harley Road King Classic FLHRC

Hello again
Like I said you before the bike it's in great conditions  !
At this moment I am England (Europe) in the military base getting ready for Afghanistan. This mean that I do a special training program and I am not allowed to get out of the unit or give calls whenever I want.The bike is already at the dep. US Army logistics in WA sealed and ready for the shipping. The shipping can't be a problem because I can do it at no cost for you. You will receive the bike along with all the documents including title, bill of sale .
If you are interested this is how it works:
1. I'll open a transaction with Google Checkout for you using your delivery details as the buyer of my Harley Davidson. The bike is already at the U.S. Army - Military Auto Transport Dept sealed and ready to be delivered.
2. Google Checkout will send you an invoice for payment and delivery details regarding our transaction.
3.  You will send the payment to Google Checkout and they will notify me about the status, USArmy - Military Auto Transport Dept will receive the confirmation of the payment and shipping will start to your location.
4. After you will receive and inspect/drive the bike and decide to keep it, US Army Financial Dept will inform Google Checkout about that and they will forward me the funds and the deal is done.
Basically Google Checkout will secure the funds until you receive and inspect the bike. You will have 5 days inspection period. If the bike is not like described, it will be shipped back to me on my expense and they will give you a full refund. This way you will be able to inspect the bike before committing to buy it and I know that you have the money and you are not just fooling around.
You will wire the money to Google Checkout not to me, they will keep the money safe until you will receive the bike and send them the confirmation that you want to keep the bike just after that they will released the money to me.

If you would like to move forward with this deal send me your full name and address where you want it sent and we can start the transaction.
Thank You!
SFC John W. Norgaard
75th Ranger Regiment
Rangers Lead The Way

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25 Scammers Arrested in Valcea, Romania

DIICOT, Valcea
Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism
made arrests Wednesday, 24 March 2011

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Members of the network have obtained over 300,000 euros, for the past three years, money that they  invested in houses and luxury cars. The inventory included, hard drives, laptops, mobile phones, large sums of money, gold jewelry, watches and two swords.

25 arrests operated by DIICOT, Valcea Large-scale action of prosecutors DIICOT Vâlcea, which on Thursday, 25 people were detained in five counties and the Bucharest Municipality, suspected deception and money laundering. According to polițiștilor, up to were part of two criminal grupãri, which contains over 80 members. Criminals have posted fictional auctions on multiple sites from abroad, particularly in the United States, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Prosecutors INVESTIGATING DIRECTION of criminal offences of ORGANISED CRIME and TERRORISM-VÂLCEA TERRITORIAL OFFICE have conducted 42 domiciliary searches of premises on 24.03.2011 on OLT counties Valcea, RADIUS, DOLJ, and SIBIU, as well as the municipality of BUCHAREST, in two criminal cases that have involved the deconstruction of criminal organized two groups specialised in computer crime




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