Thursday, March 4, 2010

Catalin Ilie

Catalin Ilie


Mr Ilie worked with this scammer:
Vasile Bogdan
Mircea Lucian Tapus
He also worked with this group:

Gabriel Ghelase Pantea
Date Of Birth
Helped with the scams after he moved to the UK.

This person is a known "carder" and worked with the group to create the drop off points for the stolen items
that were sent to the UK
Renu Subramnaiam
United Kingdom
Here are some stories about "Jilsi"

Ahhh yes and the Java Bean Internet Cafe.
Home of eBay scammers for a while.
Still go there Jony?

Also involved in some of the scams was:
Daniel Laptes

Some of the sites involved:

See some of the layouts here:

More data will become available when I have the time.

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