Friday, February 5, 2010

Oldie But Moldy

Several years ago I was able to help save people targeted in in a fake escrow scam involving $4,000,000.00 worth of jewelry from sellers on eBay.
Thats right you read the correct amount 4 Million Dollars.
I had help from a US Secret Service Agent on this.

The biggest problem was getting the web hosting company to close the sites as soon as they were discovered.
The host kept saying they needed a court order to remove the fraud domains.
I let the Secret Service agent deal with them.
(I'd rather not go into certain details about my interaction with this particular web hosting company. I'll create another post to deal with that)

The layout is here:

The sites involved were:

Unfortunately some people did send their merchandise to the scammers.

Some of the scammer's email addresses were:

Some of the items were sent to:

Arthur Moore
2 Chelsea Close
London HA8 5TG UK
Phone#: +44(0)2087926818


Mr. Peter More
28 Westward Road
E4 8LX
United Kingdom
Phone#: +44(0)2087926818


Mr. Arthur Moren
25 regents court
United Kingdom
Phone#: +44(0)2087926818

These sites were run by Romanian based scammers.

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Had a busy day finding and posting sites.

To see the sites I posted go here:

Find the box Order: and select "Newest first"

You'll see that many of the sites posted are "spoof" sites.
These are sites set up by scammers using stolen credit cards and pretend to be companies like eBay.
The scammers use the domains mostly for fake emails sent to intended victims.

Other sites are fake shipping and escrow, or "third party" sites.
(There is NO SUCH THING as a legitimate shipping and esrow site)

Read about these sites here:

If you'd like to help kill some of these sites, join us!

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