Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guess the Scammer

Ever get ripped off selling jewelry on eBay by a fake escrow site with "SOL" in the name?

Here are but a few of the fraud escrow sites involved that were run by this group:

These scammers were very busy as you can see.
You can imagine why the images on were removed.
The list isn't even complete and might never be.
I can only do so much.

These sites were run by the same scammers, the majority using servers owned by XO Communications.
There is way more to this story than I have the time to write about.

I did try to contact one of the scammer's fathers and asked him to have the scammer contact me with no results. If I was his father I don't know what I'd do either.
You can imagine what a mess this situation is and what an embarrassment the scammer would be to his dad.
(data now posted below)

One of the scammers involved in these sites was a "mule" as well as a fake eBay jewelry buyer.
A mule is someone who picks up packages and money transfers for the other scammers.
This paricular mule worked for this group and another person I will mention in a future post.
Alex Georgescu
DOB 09-06-1978
Originally from Romania.
Here are some pictures that were taken of him in Alicante, Spain at the UPS facility picking up what he thought to be a Rolex watch that was shipped from an intended eBay victim.
Alex is on the right in the 2 tone blue shirt:

Images used courtesy of:

Alex and his unnamed accomplice, in the white tank top, missed the UPS driver on the street.
They apparently had done this several times previously and knew to enter the facility from a rear loading platform to avoid cameras placed at the front counter.
Little did he know that someone with a hidden camera was taking these images.

As far as I know, Alex moved to the Pheonix, USA area several years ago.
I believe he has an uncle there.
His sponsor, an associate real estate broker in Pheonix, doesn't know that he used her last name to create several Yahoo accounts used to scam people on the fake escrow sites and
Here are two:
A simple Google search will reveal the real estate broker.

I was informed that he may have subsequently went to the New York area to pick up money transfers for scammers.

One of the persons involved in setting up the fake escrow sites is:
Leonard Labuneti
DOB 14.05.1976
Location Braila Romania

The next person who was involved in the sites is:
Razvan Iulian Russu
DOB 13.06.1977
Presently living in Bucharest
Son of Florin Iulian Russu
(owner of Biotop Ro)

I'll add more data when I have the time.

As mentioned I am adding more data.
One of the major players in this scam group is none other than:
Liviu Costin Popovici
Mr Popovici is responsible for setting up the site:
...sort of like spitting in your face huh?
Read about his exploits here:

and here:,%2Bexperti%2Bin%2Bhotii%2Bpe%2BInternet&ei=_MShTc-6DInYgQfeio3bBQ&sa=X&oi=translate&ct=result&resnum=6&ved=0CEgQ7gEwBQ&prev=/search%3Fq%3D%2522POPOVICI%2BLIVIU%2BCOSTIN%2522%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26prmd%3Divnso

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