Saturday, October 20, 2012

SAFE AUTO PRO Fraud Escrow Targeting Australians


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This fake shipping and escrow site is targeting car buyers in Australia.
I have tried in vain to contact the news comapny in Australia about these scammers but they refuse to repond.
I guess Laura Sparkes
 only interested in doing videos of people who already got ripped off and are willing to spill their guts and cry on TV:
The doe eyed supposed expert, Mr Darson?,  in the video mentions the fake escrow as being a new way of scamming people.
He is sadly mistaken.

( for Western Union being used.......
4 BILLION DOLLARS were funneled into Romania using that service in 2009.
Can you imagine how much money Western Union makes off scams?
The victims pay a fee and then the scammers pay fees to forward the cash.)

The page also contains a list of the previous sites run by these Romanian scammers that targeted Australian victims.

If you'd like more information on these scams feel free to contact me:


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BrumaTotal Ltd. Fraud Targets Polish  FAKE FRAUD SCAM OSZUSTWA

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BrumaTotal Ltd.
Head Office
Contact Details
Phone: +44 703 185 7679
Fax: +44 703 185 7679

Physical Address
BrumaTotal Ltd. Agencies
1 Fratton Road, PO1 5JX
United Kingdom

Postal Address
BrumaTotal Ltd. Agencies
PO Box 22-046
United Kingdom

This is a fake shipping and escrow company run by scammers in Romania.
The scammers are listing fake ads for vehicles on the internet.


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Car Movers Logistics FRAUD

Car Movers Logistics  FAKE FRAUD SCAM

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Car Movers Logistics is a fake escrow site targeting car shoppers in Australia.
The scammers are posting ads on Gumtree.

The site is being run by scammers in Romania.

If you have any further information about this scam please contact me:

Here is an image of the fake site:

Here is text from the fake site:

ABOUT Car Movers Logistics
Let us introduce ourselves
Car Movers Logistics is an independent escrow company based in NSW, ABN: 66 051 458 541.
We were born out of the ever increasing need for fast, reliable transactions which would also not exclude the one value that the Internet Community cherishes most: privacy.
How we work
We contributed to the creation of a new dimension of e-commerce:
we developed a platform that would automate and secure most of the escrow processes in 5 easy steps, while also providing attentive, non-automated customer support through our customer care department.
What our system does for you
As a buyer, you are the beneficiary of our 5 - step process that postpones the release of your funds until a complete vehicle inspection, during the inspection period. You are also enjoying the advantages of using easily obtainable e-currencies, such as worldwide mobility and most of all, privacy. As a seller, you enjoy the flexibility of our cooperation with major ground-shipment providers, which translates into a reduction of the period of time in which your vehicle reaches your customer. You will also be highly protected against payment fraud, as all disadvantages resulting from credit card payment methods, such as fraudulent use by the prospective buyer, are eliminated. Internet fraud costs victims millions of dollars each year. Protect yourself with Car Movers Logistics We protect both the buyer and seller with a simple, 5-step trust process. Car Movers Logistics was created after our founder was personally a victim of Internet vehicle fraud (read his true story). We have created a service that would help eliminate vehicle scams on the Internet, protect your financial interest and allow people a safe and convenient way to purchase a car, truck or SUV online. Our team of professional Vehicle Transaction Specialists (VTS) have over ten years of combined experience in processing vehicle sales and title transfers. So go ahead and find the car of your dreams online but remember to use Car Movers Logistics to avoid any nightmares.
An escrow service that is secure, flexible and fast
Car Movers Logistics is hosted on secure servers using the latest in encryption technology. Alternative BS, the operator of this online system is a licensed and acredited escrow company that operates in compliance with currently applicable escrow regulations.
Our escrow solution is safe and secure
All escrow services offered on this Website are provided independently and exclusively by Internet Escrow Services (SM) (IES), one of the operating subsidiaries of Car Movers Logistics IES is fully licensed and accredited as an escrow company and is subject to compliance with all applicable escrow regulations.
Partnership Information
Car Movers Logistics is the recommended transaction settlement service of many of the top names in eCommerce, including, and

1. Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms
Both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the vehicle, sale price, number of days for the Buyer's inspection, and any shipping information. Either the Buyer or Seller signs in to Car Movers Logistics and creates a transaction. If either the Buyer or Seller is not a registered user, they must register with Car Movers Logistics . Registration is free.
The initiating party defines the terms of the transaction and provides information about the vehicle. This information includes:
* E-mail address of the other party
* Length of inspection period
* Party responsible for paying the escrow fee
* Delivery options
* Shipping costs
The initiating party confirms the information entered, and agrees to the escrow instructions. The other party is notified by e-mail, to sign in and agree to the terms of the transaction provided by the initiating party. After both parties have agreed to the terms, the Buyer will be asked to submit payment to Car Movers Logistics .
2. Buyer Pays Car Movers Logistics
The Buyer submits an available payment option. Car Movers Logistics verifies the payment. Processing time varies by payment method. When payment is received, it will be verified and secured into a non-interest bearing trust account. After payment is secured, the Seller is notified by Car Movers Logistics to ship the vehicle to the Buyer.
3. Seller Ships vehicle
Upon payment verification, the Seller is authorized to ship vehicle and submit tracking information if available. Car Movers Logistics verifies that the Buyer receives the shipment. The inspection period will not begin until Car Movers Logistics has confirmed delivery of the vehicle or the Buyer marks the vehicle as received on the transaction screen.
4. Buyer Accepts the vehicle
The Buyer has a set number of days for an inspection and the option to accept or reject the vehicle. For more information, FAQs - Return Questions. When the Buyer accepts the vehicle or the inspection period expires (at which point, the Buyer automatically accepts), the disbursement of payment will begin. Please note that Car Movers Logistics may perform additional verification before funds are released. Payment is sent to the Seller with escrow fees and shipping costs deducted, if applicable.If the buyer rejects the car, he must notify Car Movers Logistics and then ship the car back to the seller. Once the seller has confirmed the car, Car Movers Logistics will refund the payment in full and the seller is responsible for the returned shipment.
5. Car Movers Logistics Pays the Seller
Car Movers Logistics Pays the Seller by the method selected by the Seller.
The transaction is complete.


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