Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8-21-12 Fraud Sites

The following sites appear to be fraud and are currently active.

http://prorent.co.uk    hosted in the UK by Namesco Limited

www.escrowatlantic.com hosted in Italy by Aruba.it registered using joslinhartzel38@hotmail.com

www.trader-escrow.com  hosted in Germany by 1 and 1

www.vfk-transport.eu hosted in Romania by GTS Telecom

www.cargo-transporting.com hosted in the US by Bluehost

www.expresscourierfreight.com hosted in the Netherlands by IWSL
http://courierexpressglobal.com same as above
www.usaglobalexpress.com same as above
www.cargoglobalexpress.com same as above

http://xtrade-logistics.com/  hosted in Spain by Acens

www.retfel-cargo.co.uk  hosted in England by Netbenefit

http://bentea-spedition.com/  hosted in the Czech Republic by Master Internet

http://london-execintl.co.uk hosted in Australia by Domain Central

http://ee-exhibitionsltd.com  hosted in England by Fasthosts registered using xlinx885@hotmail.com 

http://rcshippers.clanteam.com/  hosted in the US by Webnx

http://trucks-transport.co.uk/  hosted in the UK by Freezone

www.worldamovers.go.ro  hosted in Romania by RCS

http://p.pireaus-translog.eu hosted in Italy by Aruba.it

www.netcargosystems.co.uk  hosted in England by Netbenefit

www.timsonltd.uhostall.com  hosted in the US by Autimas Rapalis

www.tassinc-international.com  hosted in the US by Yahoo

www.europlus-spedition.com  hosted in Romania by Jump registered using alex.stan179@gmail.com

http://costasoltra.com  hosted in England by Namesco

www.tc-delivery.com.es  hosted in the Cayman Islands by Directnic

http://worldcargosa.com  hosted in Germany by Colocation/Enterprise registered using cautcoppermine@gmail.com

www.kwk-transport.co.uk  hosted in England by Netbenefit


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