Thursday, March 3, 2011 FRAUD FAKE FRAUD SCAM

This fake shipping and escrow site uses a template that has 290 entries on the
(...remember there is no such thing in real life as a shipping and escrow company.)
See them here:
The template is commonly used by Romanian scammers.

The fraud site is being hosted in Italy by TECHNORAIL.COM and is being charged to the stolen credit card of someone in Royal Palm Beach, Florida:
The email address used to register the fraud account was created on:

Member since: 03/01/2011

Now for some history on that template.
Years ago when I first became familiar with this design, I did Google Searches using the names of the "agents" on the page:
The women who's names and images are on that page are current and former employees of this legitimate Real Estate Escrow company in California:
The company stopped posting images of their employees, gee....wonder why.......

Here are some images from the fraud site:

Here is some text from the site:

ABC-TransOnline Company - Impact Best Business Ship is dedicated to offer its customer the best services they ever wished and to assure the good development of theirs business. Overnight or overseas, across borders or across town - you can absolutely count on our company services to deliver transportation and information solutions... and so much more.
ABC-TransOnline Company begins by treating each shipment as if it were our only one. When you need us , we are there within 60 minutes to pick up your shipment – no matter what time of day or night. With guaranteed on-time delivery, we will move your shipment via the next available flight, charter or hand-carry service to make sure it gets where it needs to, when it needs to. This focus and this commitment is what makes ABC-TransOnline Company the time-critical shipping specialists, meeting all your urgent delivery needs worldwide. ABC-TransOnline Company offers you: Global Reach: ABC-TransOnline Company provides same day domestic shipping, as well as overnight shipping to most international destinations.
Plus, our global network of offices and our dedicated staff give you access to personalized attention and hands-on monitoring for every step of the shipping process.
• 24/7 Availability: ABC-TransOnline Company is open around-the-clock, ready to pick up and deliver your shipments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – including weekends and holidays.
• Immediate Response: With ABC-TransOnline Company, it often takes an hour or less for your shipments to be on their way.
• Total Control: Our Web-based worldwide tracking systems enable us to closely monitor every shipment throughout its journey. With online access to these systems, you can also check progress in real-time, as well as run on-time reports and more.
• Ongoing Communication: ABC-TransOnline Company will always notify you and your recipients immediately of any delays or flight changes that may affect your shipments. We’ll also detail the steps we are taking to ensure on-time delivery.
• Automatic Proof of Delivery: You will receive confirmation on every shipment, so you’ll always know that your crucial delivery has arrived as scheduled.
• Yesterday: Jason Maverick founded ABC-TransOnline Company in 2001 with one basic mission – to handle every unusual and out-of-the-ordinary shipping need with speed and efficiency, every day of the year. This mission has remained the cornerstone of the company over the last 2 years, and as a result ABC-TransOnline Company has grown to be a leader in the urgent transportation industry.
•Today: ABC-TransOnline Company is known for its global presence, personalized service and its unique ability to meet every deadline, every time – anywhere in the world. John Gilmore Jr., who continues to serve as President of Quick, has realized his vision – providing critical shipping solutions to some 75% of Fortune 500 companies to meet a broad range of business needs.
•Tomorrow: ABC-TransOnline Company will continue meeting your impossible deadlines and setting new standards in the critical shipping industry. It is what our success has been based on to date, and we believe it is what has helped the scores of companies who turn to us for their time-sensitive shipping needs succeed as well.

1. Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms Both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the merchandise, sale price, number of days for the Buyer's inspection, and any shipping information.
2. Seller Sends Merchandise After both parties agree to terms of the transaction, the Seller sends the product to ABC-TransOnline.
3. ABC-TransOnline Company-ThirdParty-Service confirmation ABC-TransOnline Company-ThirdParty-Service will verify the product and send detailed specifications of it to the Buyer.
4. Buyer Pays ABC-TransOnline Company-ThirdParty-Service The Buyer submits a payment, money order transfer or wire transfer. ABC-TransOnline Company Third Party Service verifies the payment. Processing time varies by payment method.
5. ABC-TransOnline Company ship the package to the Buyer The Buyer has a set number of days for an inspection and the option to accept or reject the merchandise.
6. ABC-TransOnline Company-ThirdParty-Service Pays the Seller ABC-TransOnline Company-ThirdParty-Service pays the Seller by check or wire transfer. The transaction is complete.

...remember, its all a lie.

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