Friday, April 30, 2010

Spoof Sites

These fake domains are primarily used by scammers to send emails to intended victims.
The scammers use the domains to "spoof" or pretend to be legitimate companies.
The emails are fake and use some of the wording and images stolen from the real companies.
Its difficult for some inexperienced internet users to determine the validity of these domains and the emails they receive.
Please forward all fake eBay emails to
Have one to add to the list? Amazon-Payments also
    (related to  )  killed  google@invoice-check​  eBay VPP  Google Checkout   eBay Motors - uShip Inc  eBay Inc. VPP Financial Department
safe transactions
buyer protection  pretending to be eBay ebay  AutoTrader  eBay  Thanks to Rock from Canada for the heads up!  and related domain  Google Checkout   GOOGLE@CHECKOUT-TRANSACTION-VEHICLE.COM A Happy DreamHost Customer scammer has other site mentioned here. scammer using to register fraud domain   eBay Invoice  aka  aka customer spoofing I tried to get some information from an apparent intended victim in Zanesville, Oh, but they wouldn't cooperate, its a shame. Lets hope no one is defrauded because of this. scammers using forged email for fake mails is the actual email they are using spoof email
thanks to Regions Financial Corporation in Adamsville, Alabama for the tip
(Thanks to Clark Thomas & Winters for the tip) fake email address Thanks to Jbg Associates Llc for the tip and to the FBI for the email address. aw-confirm@
Thanks to Toys R Us, Hawthorne NJ for this "tip" eBay
Its important to give details on these scams.
Someone from University Of Florida refused to give details.
Thanks to Francis Hamlin Co Hamlin Pools in Pharr Tx for this "tip" fake eBay auction page
(Thanks for the tip from the person in Michigan!!!!) eBay Payments
(Thanks to the person from Wisconsin for the tip)
(Thanks to Hughes Network Systems for the tip!!) eBay Thanks Turner Broadcasting System for the tip! CHECKOUT@EBAY-MOTORS.COM (Thanks to the Texas AG for the tip) support@ (Thanks to Basf Corporation for the tip) . (Thanks to the person from Greenville, NC for the tip)
reported to Google and still active -

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