Sunday, March 28, 2010

eBay Craigslist Merger?

Not quite.
Its just another fake domain created by scammers to send fake emails to intended victims.

More spoof sites listed here:

Here are the other domains I posted on yesterday.

How are these domains allowed?

This wouldn't happen for example on Main Street or the local shopping mall.
If I opened a store and someone else decided to open a store next to me using the same name I'd sue them in court.
I would want to protect my company's name.

There is actually no legitimate reason why these domains are allowed to be registered and hosted.
They are obvious spoof domains created by scammers for the sole purpose of defauding inexperienced internet users.
I don't think its a freedom of speech issue.

See the amount of similar spoof domains myself and others have posted:


Anonymous said...

Actually you can complain about these as per legal process, it's called an UDRP. However be ready to open you wallet for a few thousand per UDRP.

Considering these thieves pay for their domains with stolen credit cards etc and only pay ~$10/pop/domain, yet you have to fork out thousands per UDRP, I would say it's a bit like taking a knife to a gunfight, if not a war.

Also consider that you can only really complain about your mark and name, so if your name is not Ebay or Craigslist, you are stuffed, regardless of other facts. The UDRP doors is closed to you, despite being a target of the scammer and his $10 domain.

... and that class, is the difference between theory and reality!

So much for trust and faith on the net, sold down the drain at $10 per pop.

William's Dad said...

More data on UDRP can be viewed here:

Anonymous said...

Faux eBay Live Support:

These scammers are running their own eBay live support chat room!

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