Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Registration Service Provider:
08709126612 (fax)
This company may be contacted for domain login/passwords,
DNS/Nameserver changes, and general domain support questions.

...yes and ask them how and why they can allow someone to register a domain named:

Using erroneous contact data:
Administrative Contact:
courier, fedex
johan, johannesburg BS10 5NG

A simple Google search of reveals:

In addition to using a domain to most likely send spoof emails pretending to be FedEx, is also a romance scammer.

I am very glad to meet you on this site, however l love to share, l love to
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To me, l really desire a woman to build a future with, who is sincere,
responsible, caring understanding. it just don't matter much how you look on
the outside in this relationship but it really matters how you look right inside
because "beauty is skin deep". If you really sincerely want to build a
world of passion, caring, sharing those emotional feelings that seems to
betrayed and a committed long-term relationship, I'm yours! Together we can
create great impressions in each other heart that's forever.
Well get to know more about me at or
can call me on +447045759841 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +447045759841 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
l really don't want to play around, l want to get to your heart and show
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Dickson walls


Anonymous said...

fedex dating scam ? whatever these low life nigerians come up with...

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