Tuesday, July 27, 2010


www.number1autosalesinc.com FRAUD, SCAM
number1autosalesinc.com FRAUD, SCAM
www.number1autosalesin.com FRAUD, SCAM
number1autosalesin.com FRAUD, SCAM

Number 1 Auto Sales, Inc.

Using MoneyGram payments for fake car listings on their site.
NEVER use instant payment services for internet transactions.

Please see these posts for more details:

Here is a CBS News Video about these scammer's previous site.

As a result of my blog and posts on these scammers, I have been threatened and an attempt to hack my data has occured.
Its quite obvious I have put a "dent" in their car sales scam.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, we were just about to fall for Number 1 auto sales for our daughter. Thankfully, Money Gram did not list them as legit!!!

Anonymous said...


almost bought a car, came across this in my research! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was just about to do the same thing. I was getting ready to go to the bank to get the money out to transfer it. However, something kept telling me to research this. I looked at BBB report and found nothing. However, I researched a little more. Thanks for informing me. I was about to make a big mistake.

Anonymous said...

thank u so much u guys saved me!!!

William's Dad said...

Ahhh there's only 1 guy here.
Glad I could help.
Now report this scam to:

Throw me a bone too huh?

Anonymous said...

wow! i myself almost fell for this scam.. i chatted with "representative" and it wz the same name as in the video above.."maria pittman"..lol..dang..im so glad i took the time to research this site..thanx for the heads up. appreciate it..

Anonymous said...

Almost fell for it. Wish i would have seen this first would have saved time. It seemed to good to be true, but with a little research thank goodness figured out it was a scam. And i noticed the sight was there yesteday and today it's gone.

Anonymous said...

I was not lucky enough to have been saved from this scam. They managed to get 1,800.00 dollars from me. I am working very hard with a local police officer to get to the bottom of this. Hopefully we can find out who is doing this and put an end to this once and for all!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We got duped too. Did some research and found out that the IP address is from Germany. the cars-for-less-place domain name was created July 31. Thanks for your efforts to get the word out . .wish there was something else we can do!!

Nitra said...

omg thanks so much. bcz once i got my refund check I was gonna get that 07 altima for $7,199... thanks. i knew something was wrong when they didnt even have a contact number or anything.

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