Saturday, July 3, 2010

As a result of my blog and posts on these scammers, I have been threatened and an attempt to hack my data has occured.
Its quite obvious I have put a "dent" in their car sales scam.

Here are the scammer's newest sites: FRAUD FRAUD

Here is a CBS News Video about this scam.

See this story on MSNBC by Herb Weisbaum aka ConsumerMan

Please see this post for more details:

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Anonymous said...

Superautosalesus is a FRAUD.Using Moneygram to send them $ to Hazard Ky is a RIPP OFF SCAM.

Anonymous said...

This website was on TV as a scam

DF said...
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William's Dad said...

Totusi vizita văd.
Iti place acest videoclip?

Anonymous said...

How could someone be so heartless to try and take my money and say my car is being delivered to my house. I say they took my money but gratefully by the grace of god the lady at money gram wouldn't give it to them.I cant express how mad i am about this company. Whoever is in charge of this company should be put in jail. or worse!! WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T SEND YOUR MONEY TO THESE PEOPLE..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your comments. I logged on to find this site to update myself on their inventory, and unbeknownst to me it no longer existed! I too did my homework and asked others to check to site out for me. They came back raving about it and thought it was a great idea. It's scary to shop online and submit yourself as well as your family to MORE financial hardship when all you were trying to do was your best at providing the barest necessities (a car) and instead, get robbed of your savings.

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