Sunday, August 1, 2010 FRAUD, SCAM FRAUD, SCAM

This site forwards to their other fake site:

More information here:

As a result of my blog and posts on these scammers, I have been threatened and an attempt to hack my data has occured.
Its quite obvious I have put a "dent" in their car sales scam.


Unknown said...

Just about got sucked in today, so glad I found your scam warning. Was thrilled to find a 4 cylinder Toyota Highlader for $6000, delivered to Canada for $500 (what was I thinking) so sad. How can these guys live with themselves?

Unknown said...

This company is big SCAM as they ask you to pay with Money Gram only to Jason Vence in South Carolina and the company is in NY.
The phone # is not in service.
There is only one persone working on line chat and she will not give you specific answer.

Be aware!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You, for exposing these fakers,I almost fell for this scam as well. I just don't understand why people such as these pull this B.S people work to hard for their money to just give it away to butt holes such as these. your days are numbered for all of you who pull this type of CRAP.

beny said...

too bad americans aren't that wise in choosing cars...good thing they have pretty intelligent political leaders otherwise they would have been in deep shit....keep up the good work bro'

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