Monday, September 6, 2010

is a fake site run by scammers based in Romania.

An eBay user posted on the thread for Escrow & Insurance
asking if the site was real or not.
"Dear Fenton,

we have some serious doubts about this website:

the seller is recommending this tracking company to transport a motobike from London to Brussels, but we can not find any information, contact, email address ..anythig..on internet concerning this company.
Many thanks for checking this company for us,

Fenton Smith stopped posting on the thread quite some time ago.
I seriously doubt if he will ever post again as last I was aware, he had carpal tunnel syndrome.
I guess thats one of the prices you pay for trying to help others.
BTW I have the database from his old site should anyone writing a book about Internet Fraud care to see it.
Its like the ancient history of anti-scamming.

Anyways, "Lubica" didn't bother to respond when asked for data about the scammer.
Its par for the course....
She did reply:
"Thank you soooo much!! you saved us a lot of money and stress!!Lubica"
Amazing isn't it?
People only think of themselves and don't bother to share other data.
Some poor slob is probably going to lose their hard earned savings because someone was too anal to share the scammer's data.
....remember, silence is the scammer's best friend.
Make some noise my friends.


Anonymous said...

same people :(

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