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site 1-25-11

Spoof of eBay
Additionally using the fake email address:

These scammer's other site is posted here:

Here is an image of the fake site:

1. Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms.
    Both parties agree to terms of the transaction,
    which includes a description of the merchandise,
    sale price, number of days for the Buyer's
    inspection, and any shipping information.
2. Buyer Pays eBay Top-rated Sellers Program.
    The Buyer submits the payment to eBay Top-
    rated Sellers Program. eBay Top-rated Sellers     
    Program verifies the payment.
3. Seller Ships Merchandise.
    Upon payment verification, the Seller is authorized
    to ship the merchandise and submit tracking
    information. eBay Top-rated Sellers Program verifies
    that the Buyer receives the shipment.
4. Buyer Accepts the Merchandise.
    The Buyer has a set number of days for an inspection
    and the option to accept or reject the vehicle.
5. eBay Top-rated Sellers Program Pays the Seller.
    The transaction is complete.

Here is some data the scammer is sending by email:
Please contact ebay top rated seller aat this email : and they will send you all the information that you need .
I use ebay because is 100 % safe for seller and buyer . Payment is not made through Western Union or Money Gram and this provides both buyer and seller safety.
If you agree with the price and my selling terms (using eBay Top-rated Seller Program)
all you have to do is to send me exactly this information so we can start the transaction:
First name:
Last name:
Postal Code:
I need this details exactly and as soon as I have them I will start the official
procedure and eBay Top-rated Seller Program will guide us through the rest of the
transaction process.

Best Regardes !!!
I'm located in Montreal, QC. and because I'm a Top Rated Seller this is why the shipping will be
only C$ 200. Shipping will take from 4 days. As I told you to complete our transaction I propose
eBay Top-rated Seller Program. I will also explain you how it works:
1. You'll send to eBay Top-rated Seller Program and deposit of C$ 3000 and rest when you receive the car. I do not accept payment through Western Union or MoneyGram.
2. They will secure your money and contact me to start the shipping.
3. I will start the shipping and I will email you the tracking number in the same day.
4. You will receive the car and you'll have 14 days to inspect it before take any decision.
5. If you like it you must contact eBay Top-rated Seller Program to pay me. Or if you are not satisfied,
just ask eBay for full refund. And the shipping company will pick up the car from you.
Important: You need to know that you can ask for full refund anytime for any reason. Also if you don't
want it after inspection, no need to pay the ship back fees.
Let me know if you agree and let's move to the next step.
Thank You
Oh! what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!
Sir Walter Scott
NEVER use instant payment services like Western Union or MoneyGram to buy items on the internet.


Ebay Fraus said...


Though there is an agreement between buyer and seller but still Ebay frauds are increasing rapidly. Number of cases have been found in which people are trying to sell duplicate material or stolen material. Customers have to be more careful while buying things from Ebay.

Mark Horton

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