Sunday, July 11, 2010

Phantom Stores

My investigation has revealed.
The fake auto sites are a progression from this particular group of scammers previous series of fake sites.
These same scammers ran a series of fake electronic stores.
The same tactics were used.
Stealing the identities of real companies.
Fake endorsements posted on Yahoo.
Payments using MoneyGram and Western Union.

As a result of my blog and posts on these scammers, I have been threatened and an attempt to hack my data has occured.
Its quite obvious I have put a "dent" in their car sales scam.

Here are some of the sites involved:

There are stories on the internet about these sites:
An update from Gary Craig, with a link to his original article.
Brian Krebs mentions that an investigation was done by Gary Craig, a staff writer for, however that particular article has expired.,2817,2217528,00.asp

The auto sites created an easy way to ask for and make more money.

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