Tuesday, February 1, 2011

26 Romanian eBay Scammers Arrested

Prosecutors from DIICOT - Territorial Service Valcea - and police officers are executing search warrants in Valcea, Olt and Sibiu trying  to dismantle a criminal organization (about 26 members) specialized in computer fraud and deceit.
According to investigators, members of the group visited online specialized sites,  offering for sale goods that they actually did not possessed. Typically, the access to these sites was done by creating user accounts, using  stolen identities and stolen credit card information. This way the perpetrators creating to the victims the impression of a legitimate tranzaction. The victims were instructed  to transfer various amounts of money as price of the purchased item, shipping tax, or insurance.   The total damage exceeds 100,000 euros, about 100 persons, foreign citizens have been defrauded.

Here is a video of the arrest.

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