Friday, March 18, 2011 DDOS attack confirmed.

Currently is the victim of an apparent DDOS attack which has completely brought down the site and email
I received this massage:

Fortunately I have a FULL backup of the site that is only a couple of weeks old and a back up of my database that is current as of the morning of 3/17/2011.
Unfortunately, it appears that my host provider as completely removed my account for I am attempting to get a response from them but have not been very successful.
I am working on an alternate solution to getting the site back up and get it protected. Any suggestions are always appreciated. My last alternative is to host it on my own equipment which I can do, however, I don't have the hardware to mitigate a DDOS. Although I am looking into what hardware would work, cost is certainly a factor.
Thanks for your understanding.

If you would like to relay a message to the Administrator of, please contact me at:
I can forward the email to him. still seems to be under attack as well.
This might be the same culprits responsible for a prior attack on .


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