Wednesday, March 23, 2011 SCAM  FAKE FRAUD SCAM

The scammers are now running:
File complaints here:
 is a fake bike shop.
The site offers bikes for sale at prices not too far off from legitimate stores, however....
They offer on their site to purchase the bikes using your credit card and then tell you they only accept Western Union for payment.

If you registered for the site using your credit card, call your credit card company immediately and cancel the card because you gave your information to criminals!

If you Google the domain, you find threads about the scam:
One person says this

"Big red flag here is that both Cannondale and Trek DO NOT allow their bikes shipped. You have to go pick it up. You can order it on line, just no shipping."
The fake site is hosted by:
(any guesses as to who owns that company?)
Complain here:


Customer Support
Billing, Account upgrades, downgrades, add-ons (domain names, private registration, SSL certificates, and cancellations)
Monday — Friday: 8:00 AM- 8:00 PM ET

Technical Support
ProStores application questions and issues
24 hours/day — 7 days/week

The site was registered to someone located in Windermere, FL,
yet the fake company claims to be located at:
(image below)
The email address used to register the domain was created the same day as the fake site:
Here is an image:

The scammers are using this phone number 447024010891

A simple Google search reveals:
The same phone number is on another fraud site:
and the scammers used the same number on their previous fake bike shop:
Mentioned here:

Here are images of the fake site:


Sean Breckling said...

A company selling tablets and cell phones just popped up using the same phone number:

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