Wednesday, April 6, 2011 SCAM  FAKE FRAUD SCAM is a fake shipping and escrow site run by scammers based in Romania.

Address: Portland, Oregon, 4653 SE Brooklyn St, 97206
Phone/Fax: 503-775-0143

The site is hosted by Yahoo.

The scammers are listing fake ads for cars on the internet and asking for payments using Western Union.

Here are some images of the site:

Here is some text from the scam site:

Online Shipping Services
Safe, convenient and flexible shipping service. We protect both buyers and sellers from fraud, providing a seamless and secure transaction.
Who are we?
AlizerImportExport is a shipping company based in Portland, Oregon, 4653 SE Brooklyn St, 97206. We were born out of the ever increasing need for fast, reliable transactions which would also not exclude the one value that the Internet Community cherishes most: privacy.
What are we?
We work like a vault operated by a trusted third party, where it is possible to put an amount in safe custody until a predefined condition is met. When the condition is met, the trusted third party executes the release to the predefined destination (opens the vault for the predefined party).
What are the benefits?
As an accredited shipping company, we act as a secure third party to protect the Buyer and Seller.
For Buyers: The Seller is not paid until the Buyer accepts the merchandise, or the inspection period expires.
For Sellers: The Seller is authorized to ship only after AlizerImportExport verifies good funds.
How does it work?
1. You buy or sell a product and you have agreed the price and other conditions such as time of delivery. You have also agreed to use AlizerImportExport to secure payment or payment release.
2. The buyer then pays the purchase price into the escrow account of AlizerImportExport.
3. AlizerImportExport advises the supplier that the agreed amount is in escrow.
4. At the moment the supplier meets his obligation, and buyer accepts, the buyer will provide through the seller a pre-agreed irrevocable payment instruction to AlizerImportExport.
5. Immediately after AlizerImportExport receives the agreed instruction, the amount will be transferred to seller.
Fits your business practice
AlizerImportExport provides several types of industries with shipping arrangements: Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Shipbuilding, Trade & Commodity, Online Marketplaces, Communications, Energy & Power, Construction, Traders and Brokers, Importers, Exporters and more.


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