Friday, April 1, 2011

Romania to lose EU status.

In 2007 Romania was allowed to enter the EU aka European Union.

Romania needed to prove its "worthiness" before acceptance into the EU because of its well known reputation for corruption and scamming.
Many scammer arrests were made before 2007 to show the Romanian government was doing its job to reduce internet fraud.
The ploy worked and Romania is now a part of the EU.
Romanian scammers can and do travel about EU countries to carry on their dastardly deeds.
The scammers favor certain EU countries because of the lax attitudes of police and banks.

The Romanian scammers even go to the USA and in one case, were able to open 40 bank accounts using forged passports, drivers licenses and visas.

EU officials have seen they were duped as are many online shoppers who succumb to scams involving Romanians.
Each Romanian scam site listed on this blog is a nail in the coffin for Romanian EU status.
There are many honest hard working Romanians, just as there are hard working scammers.......

April Fools, or is it..........the 40 bank accounts are a fact.



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