Sunday, May 15, 2011

3 new Green Dot MoneyPak scam sites

The following 3 sites are all scams which are using the MoneyPak Green Dot payment methods.

Again, here is the link to the Green Dot Money Pak site which they explain how to protect yourself:

Here are images of the fake sites:

If you are a victim of these sites make sure you file complaints:

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Anonymous said...

There are many sites scamming WITH green dot moneypaks. A new one is They WILL take your money and they have NO PRODUCT!!! US Overstock Outlet claims to run the green dot funds through PayPal. I have confirmed this is false. They claim to be rated A+ by the BBB, but they are not even listed in anyway with the BBB. They have Visa and MasterCard logos on their homepage, but will not accept their use. EVERYTHING about this site is false and designed to scam people enticed by their fantastic deals on exercise equipment, playsets, and generators. STAY AWAY!!!!!!

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