Friday, May 6, 2011

LT-Firenze Srl

I've been seeing a lot of hits on this blog as a result of searches for a site called
LT-Firenze Srl  (202 as of 5-17-11 to be exact)
I'm amazed that of the 202 visitors to this post only one person had the cajones to contact me.
...well I'm actually not that surprised, most people who read my posts and respond are the scammers and not the intended victims.

I can only assume it is for the site:
which appears to be a copy of the legitimate site

It appears these scammers are posting jobs for "contractors".
Someone did a search using the term "anyone work as a contractor for LT-Firenze Srl?"
My hunch that is a job scam site looks like its holding water......
Remember, if there are not any details the site cannot be reported to the web host -Yahoo.
I need data to do that.
Let me say this about the site.
The site is only about a month old:
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: YNS1.YAHOO.COM
   Name Server: YNS2.YAHOO.COM
   Status: clientTransferProhibited
   Updated Date: 19-apr-2011
   Creation Date: 13-apr-2011
   Expiration Date: 13-apr-2013

The scammer is operating from the IP:
X-Originating-IP: []
From: Daniele Olivera

The IP has quite a few references to online scams:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=ecbf8a9c27052cf6

When doing a whois on the IP you get this information:
OrgAbuseHandle: KUROS-ARIN
OrgAbuseName:   Kurosaki, Ichigo
OrgAbusePhone:  +1-814-808-5483
OrgName:        HoneLive
OrgId:          HONEL
Address:        PO BOX 2134
City:           Secaucus
StateProv:      NJ
PostalCode:     07096
Its interesting to note that:
Ichigo Kurosaki is a fictional anime character:

The phone number's area code indicates 814
"Area code 814 is a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania telephone area code, which serves its northwestern and central regions, including the cities of Altoona, Bradford, DuBois, Erie, Meadville, Oil City, Johnstown, and Warren, as well as the boroughs of State College, Brockway and Rimersburg.
814 is one of the original area codes established in 1947 and is currently the only one of the original four area codes of Pennsylvania that still has its original boundaries. The region is largely rural and is the largest area code region in Pennsylvania"
The fact is that the area code for Secaucus, NJ is 201:

Sounds like a job for a Postal Inspector........

If you went to the site because of offers posted about jobs I can assure you its a scam.
The company offers no physical location and the site's main function is to get people to give their information to them.
If someone can fill me in on whats going on with the site email me at:

I wonder how many people have sent their personal information to this scammer?

Here is what he is sending his intended victims:

Good afternoon

Our company recently reviewed your profile at CareerBuilder online job resource. Due to the rapid growth, we are opening several vacancies in the USA and you seems to be the right applicant for our post. Our personnel department with great pleasure will provide necessary features of the job.

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to

1. The responsibility|liability) for all aspects of directing the company’s functionality in the USA, with a strong marketing and business development.
2. Work for picking and processing and/or copying reports, faxes, etc.
3. Establish relationships with current and new clients.
4. Advantage the company’s current market position by lead generation and developing new markets for the company’s product and services.

Necessary conditions to be recruited:

* Age limit: older than 25
* High School Diploma or General Education Development GED certificate.
* At least 1 years administrative work practice.
* Thorough knowledge of MS Office products.
* Solid organizational and administrative skills.
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
* Ability to multi-task and fulfill project deadlines

Your earnings paid on the monthly basis can get on up to $5,000-5,500.

Timing constraints of the employment:

Please take into account that vacancies are limited. That's why our proposal for this vacancy is time restricted. Therefore, you are advised to supply us with relevant information concerning yourself at your earliest convenience.

In order to get employed with our business you shall simply reply to this e-mail without a delay. You will be automatically referred to one of our managers.

All candidates are subject to a pre-employment background check including bondability, credit report and past employment references. All checks must be favorable for an applicant to be considered for employment.

Regards, LT-Firenze Srl.

We are glad to greet you. Our company is ready to give you a chance to prove yourself and grow your income. Due to the growth of our services, we are extremely in need of new employees in the USA.
You will be responsible for relationships with our customers across the USA. Previous experience is a plus but optional. The position offers a very attractive base + commission + bonus structure. You will also work for compiling and processing Bills of Lading, for compiling/processing and/or copying reports, faxes, etc. You will receive orders/payments/billing records/payment invoices/transactions from our customers for transportation services.
In addition, our company's agents are not eligible for any benefit programs usually available to employees of our company or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, divisions, or other related corporate entities.
Your starting salary will be from $1,500.00 up to $5,000, which will be paid to you in accordance to our standard payroll procedures. Also every month (at the end of each month your results are looked through) we will grant you with different bonuses.
You will earn up to four (4) weeks (20 working days) vacation during the calendar year. Vacation time accumulates at the rate of approximately 20 days per month of active service commencing on your date of hire.
Job Requirements:
* U.S. work authorization
* Intermediate PC knowledge
* Excelent verbal and communication skills
If you have any questions feel free to contact us via e-mail <>. It will be more convenient for us to provide more detailed information about the job if we have a list of some questions which you may have. So, in order to speed up the hiring process please provide the list of all questions you have. We will answer to your questions with great pleasure.
You are to reply to this message within two days if you are interested, in order to show your responsibility and competence. Please also add the following e-mail address: <> into your mailbox's white list (trusted list) so as you could receive my e-mails without a delay.
If you are interested in working for our company, please don't hesitate to send a friendly reminder. We process large amounts of emails and sometimes, letters just get unnoticed or get filtered by spam protection. If we expressed interest and did not reply within 2 business days, please resend your information.
Feel free to request additional information if you need.
Best regards,
Mr Daniele Olivera
LT-Firenze Srl.

We are glad to receive your response. I will guide you through the hiring process. First of all let me provide some additional information about the Company and the job. Previous management degree\experience is not necessary, but a plus.

The head office of the company is located in Italy. Now we are going to set our office in the USA. One of our contractors probably become the head manager of our branch in the USA. At this moment we do not have neither an office nor an agent of our company in the USA. We are planning to open several offices within next 3-4 months. We can't tell you the exact date and place by now. It depends on different circumstances. We are planning to open our branches first of all in the US largest ports. Until that moment you will work at your home-based office. You will work about 5 hours per day.

The position offers a very attractive base + commission + bonus structure. You may earn up to $5200 per month with all commissions and bonuses after 30days probation period. Your salary (base part) will be directly deposited onto your account each 15th day of the month, next to calculating. All commissions and bonuses will be paid at once. Your salary during the probation period will be $1500.

You will be responsible for initiating, building and maintaining long term relationships with our USA customers. You will act as a third party between the company (its head office) and our customers in the USA a you will be also liable for preparing different orders, reports. During the entire work process you will be an official representative of our company with full rights and standards. You will receive orders/payments/billing records/payment invoices/transactions from our clients and investors. You will arrange for and carry out the Transportation Services associated with the shipment of Products and other Goods from and to the USA, arrange for the safe and timely shipment of Products and other Goods throughout the continental United States, to, from and between customers of The Company.

If accepted, you will start as soon as you sign the contract. Before you sign the contract I would like to talk to your references. We'll appreciate if you provide at least 3-4 references. It may be your former manager, supervisor or co-worker. Please provide their phone numbers and the best time to reach them (fill the attached references form).

Please see the attached file. You will see the application of employment. You should:
1. Print and read the application.
2. Fill and sign the application.
3. Send back the copy of the application via e-mail or fax: +1 206-222-2276. Don't foget to put my name on a cover sheet.

We'll also need a copy of your diploma (or any other certificate of education). Waiting for your prompt reply. You may send requested paperwork via e-mail or fax: +1 206-222-2276. More information about our company, its services and careers you may find on our website:

Please also confirm whether you have received this e-mail and the application.

Best regards,
Mr Daniele Olivera
LT-Firenze Srl.
ph.: +1 (646) 233-1017

Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we practise to deceive! Sir Walter Scott NEVER use instant payment services like Western Union or MoneyGram to buy items on the internet


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