Monday, June 20, 2011 FRAUD  FAKE FRAUD SCAM
is a fake shipping and escrow site targeting victims in the Middle East.
The scammers are in Romania.

This particular group of scammers previously posted fake ads on

Here are some images of the site:

Here is text from the fake site:

For nationwide and international shippers:
Since 1987, our company has been more than a shipping company. It is a company built on integrity. A company with a legacy of quality services and competitive
prices. A legacy we intend to continue. The guiding principles for our company haven't changed much in nearly 20 years, integrity is our history, quality has always been
our promise and being competitive has made us one of the strongest company in the industry. Our Mission Statement reflects this legacy: "Delivering packages safely
and on time, with a friendly smile, assuring the freedom of mobility for our customers."

For Internet transactions worldwide:
Internet fraud costs victims millions of dollars each year, so protect yourself now with our "Third Party" Agency. We act as a trusted "middle-man" for people that know
little about one another and still want to complete a great deal. We protect both the buyer and seller with a simple 5 step trust process. Buyers can inspect merchandise
before the seller gets paid. Sellers ship the merchandise only if the "middle-man" guarantees payment.
Hi Mike,
As we discussed on Monday morning, Nov 18th, I'm really pleased with the performance of your service. I bought a 2002 Infiniti Q45 on and originally chose to transport
the vehicle with "Automovers Online". Before I agreed to work with them, they told me the vehicle would be picked up the next day and that I would get it in 4-7 days - all
this for $875. After 7 days the vehicle was not picked up and they could not tell me when it would get picked up. I called you on November 6th and you told me the
vehicle would get picked up the next day and that I would get it in 10-14 days. Well, as your records show, you picked up the vehicle the next day and I received it in 9
days! I did not mind paying $950 for that kind of service. Thank you Mike - keep up the good work!
Best regards, Joe Roberts
Services we provide
Our company, Euro-Spedition (PVT) LTD provides the largest amount of online and ground services, shipping and handling and, the most important, lately we have
introduced the "Third Party Agency" for online transactions over 500 USD. The online services are simple to use, but very important when dealing with long distance
transactions, when the buyer can not inspect the merchandise for himself, nor the seller can protect himself from losing his products.
The online shipping system - offers the posibility to track an online shipping related to a real ground shipping handled by our company and also to create a virtual
shipping so you can know from the begining how much it will cost and how long it will take for the package to arrive to destination.
Third Party Agency - we act as a trusted middle-man for both the seller and buyer, offering them great security and fast movement for national and international
transactions. Our fees are not cheap, but still, when dealing with your money or merchandise as we do the money is not important. If you will not be satisfied with our way
of dealing with your belongings then we will refund you with any fee you have paid.
While you are here, you should check-out some of our website's sections:
1. The fees we have for online services - found here:
2. The most important issue -

For more information please review our contact page (Contact)
Third Party Agency
Company Info
Our Third Party Agency is the Internet's Secure Provider of Global Payments Solutions
Established in 2001, Third Party Agency is a leading provider of e-business development and integration services for large to medium sized anies. The firm's core
etency is the ability to develop, integrate and deliver a full range of highly secure and scalable custom business applications and solutions.
Our servers holding customer information operate in a highly protected environment, which insures customers that their personal data is not at risk. Customer information
is not provided to company third parties, except where necessary to lete a transaction, or as required by law.
Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, our agency provides online transaction management technology and business exchange services that facilitate and
accelerate B2B, B2C and P2P e-commerce by assuring secure settlement. As an online rules-based application, our Third Party Agency offers to the customer the
opportunity to integrate transaction management and/or settlement services.
Online exchange services provided by Our Third Party Agency are provided independently and exclusively by Internet Exchange Soutions INC, one of its operating
subsidiaries, IES is fully licensed and accredited as an exchange company and is subject to liance with all applicable exchange regulations, including the US Financial
and Business Code.
"An excellent smooth service that provided additional security for my auction transaction. Fully recommended."
Gareth Jones, TX
Moving can be a difficult time. Your possessions have to be packed. You have to worry about placing your kids in a new school, your dogs on a new carpet, or maybe
you are more concerned about a new boss at a new job in an unfamiliar new city. With so much to deal with, car transaction shouldn't be a concern. That’s why Euro-
Spedition (PVT) LTD stands ready to relocate your vehicle where ever you need it, when you need it. Our company is the largest and most recognized auto Transaction
company in Europe and Asia, and we provide also quality service for clients all over the world.
For the past years, our company has been delivering packages across the country as well as all around the globe and back. Euro-Spedition (PVT) LTD possesses the
largest, most advanced car transaction and airplanes fleet in the industry. Car carriers of all sizes and types are available to meet your specific requirements. A multitude
of options are available to meet your specific needs—you may wish to have your car delivered directly to your door or you may wish to pick your car up at one of over
85 terminal locations across the globe. Most of our vehicles ship onboard an enclosed transport to ensure maximum protection for your vehicle during its journey.

Technology moves almost as fast as Deal Shipping does. Satellite tracking provided by Qualcomm allows all of Euro-Spedition (PVT) LTD's customers to log on to the
web site to get the exact location of their car transport vehicle en route.
For the past years, Euro-Spedition (PVT) LTD has been the auto transport company of choice. With the most experience in the industry and the highest quality trucks and
training for its employees, Euro-Spedition (PVT) LTD will make your vehicle Transaction as simple and worry-free as is possible.

We, the folks at Euro-Spedition (PVT) LTD are shipping everything you desire to anywhere in the world, just say it and we will do it. The only small things we ask of you
1. Use a Corrugated Box
2. Provide Internal Protection
3. Close the Box Securely
4. Use Proper Labeling
Important Information: As a member of Euro-Spedition (PVT) LTD, you can file complaints against other users you have engaged in transactions with. Every complaint you
file is sent to the IFCC (Internet Fraud Complaint Center - an FBI program) directly. As we cannot disclose personal information on the user you are filing a complaint
against to anyone else but a legal entity, we will only provide such information to the IFCC .

Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we practise to deceive! Sir Walter Scott NEVER use instant payment services like Western Union or MoneyGram to buy items on the internet


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