Saturday, July 9, 2011 Targets eBay Sellers  FAKE FRAUD SCAM

Escrow Control Company INC.
7660 Fay Avenue #O
la Jolla, 92037 CA USA
Phone: 1-801-409-5705
The phone number 33178402827 has been used on previous fraud escrow sites:

Those sites are:

If you have data than can help contact me:

The fraud site is hosted by:

OrgName:        Network Solutions, LLC
OrgId:          NETWO-59
Address:        13861 Sunrise Valley Dr
Address:        Suite 300
City:           Herndon
StateProv:      VA
PostalCode:     20171
Country:        US

File complaints here: is a fake escrow site targeting sellers of expensive items on eBay.
This particular template has been in use since the '90's.
See other sites here:

The scammers are Romanians using hijacked eBay accounts to entice sellers to send their items overseas to Spain.
As in previous fraud escrow sites these scammers will ask thier intended victims to get around customs by marking the items as gifts or costume jewelry with little or no value.

I have older posts on this blog about scammers who used this template for the same scams.

Here is what this scammer is telling his intended victims:
"Hi, i am interested on the item you are selling on ebay, so i hope you dont mind answering the following few questions for me; 1. Do you have proof of purchase? 2. Does it have any visible scratches or marks,it have all the document's? 3. If we did agree a deal, would you mind if we use a escrow company since is a large amount, at my cost obviously?You can also include your email for better communication.
I am sorry for all the questions, its just like i say i am very cautious.

- oraltx"

Sorry i was out of town if is still available here it is my offer!!!
The best what i get to complete our transaction is via escrow service,they are fast and secure on this.Here is my offer and how it work the escrow !!
2800 pounds(shipping included to Spain NEXT DAY),shipping with UPS,DHL,Fedex if you agree please start the transaction on (register and start a transaction)
1 After you register on you must start a transaction with my username ( ,and i will agree !
2 Then i will go to make the bank transfer to escrow service for your item and + all the fees for shipping and escrow service !
3 The escrow service will send you a notification regarding my payment !
4 Then you will start the shipping to me to complete your part !
5 Once you send the item you must send the email to service escrow to inform them about shipping details Tracking number,Time of delivery..etc..
6 After all are done the service escrow will inform me that the idem it is on the way and payment will be made for the seller in 24 hours after buyer finish the inspection day
7 You will receive the email from service escrow to give them all the info about how do you like to receive the money (Money Order,Bank Transfer,etc..)
About your question with the shipping company:
You must call them to come and pick up the idem ,you will pay them the shipping and to give them the address where to be delivery ,they will give you the tracking number for the package
That tracking number you must sent it to service escrow,to by check by them .The escrow company insured all the item at the value what is on the transaction !
I hope that i give you enough info about is working this service .
For other question please email back.

Here are images of the site:

Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we practise to deceive! Sir Walter Scott NEVER use instant payment services like Western Union or MoneyGram to buy items on the internet


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