Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yahoo! Finance Buyer Protection Scam

The scammer is using the email addresses:

Seller's information:  
Full Name: Rebecca Matheny
Address: 1331 Trumbull St.
City/State: Detroit, MI
Zip: 48216
Country: United States

These scammers are listing items on Craigslist such as 2 Sea-Doo GTX Limited SUPERCHARGED and they are purposely listing them in wrong categories.
Here is a search for the 2 Sea-Doos, notice they are in the tickets catagory?,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=d159f891fa5f2787&biw=1074&bih=815

As an example if you look at this list:
You'll notice other scam listings.

The email address:
Is being used to send fake invoices with payment instructions.

Notice the scammer warns you not to tell Western Union that its for a transaction?
" *Note: Most of the Western Union agents are not aware of our privacy and policy so to achieve a smooth and pleasant transaction we suggest to send the money for a personal business"

The payment must be sent with cash through Western Union? Money Transfers directly to our Yahoo! Finance escrow agent. The agent will hold the payment until the Buyer receives, inspects and accepts the vehicle. Click Here to locate the Western Union agents in your area. Go to one of that locations and send the payment to our Escrow agent. When the money will be in our possession, we will instruct the seller to start the shipping process. The payment details are confidential and will not be released under any circumstances. The seller is authorized to ship and send the tracking number only after Yahoo! Autos verifies the transfer.   Please make the transfer using the following information:

Yahoo! escrow agent:   Pete Kilbride
Address:                      1000 Brush Avenue
City/State:                    Detroit, MI
Zip:                              48226
Country:                       United States

Payment Method Western Union? Money Transfers
  *Note: Most of the Western Union agents are not aware of our privacy and policy so to achieve a smooth and pleasant transaction we suggest to send the money for a personal business. Please send us the following payment information:
  MTCN  - 10 digits number found on the payment receipt
  Sender's Name and Address
  Receiver's Name and Address
  Total Amount Sent

* Fax* the Western Union payment receipt to Yahoo! Autos at : (206)-338-7447 or (206)-337-7073
* We strongly recommend that you confirm the payment by both e-mail and fax. 
   Complete your transaction in 5 easy steps:
  Yahoo! Finance provides the Buyer and the Seller the assurance that the transaction will be handled to their specifications. The Buyer deposits the funds into a trust account prior to the Seller releasing the vehicle for inspection. Once the Buyer has accepted the vehicle the funds are disbursed according to the Yahoo! Finance instructions.
Step 1: The Buyer and the Seller agree to terms
Both parties agree to terms, which includes a description of the vehicle, sale price and number of days for the Buyer's inspection.

Step 2: The Buyer pays Yahoo! Finance
The Buyer completes the payment to Yahoo! Finance. When payment is received, it will be verified and secured into a non-interest bearing trust account. After payment is secured, the Seller will be notified to start the shipping process.

Step 3: The Seller ships vehicle to the Buyer
After the payment verification, the Seller is authorized to ship the vehicle. Yahoo! Finance verifies that the Buyer receives the shipment. The inspection period will begin when the vehicle is delivered.

Step 4: The Buyer accepts the vehicle
When the Buyer accepts the vehicle or the inspection period expires (at which point, the Buyer automatically accepts), the disbursement of payment will begin. Please note that Yahoo! Finance may perform additional verification before funds are released.
What happens if the Buyer refuses the vehicle?
If the Buyer refuses the vehicle during the inspection period, the Seller is responsible for paying the return shipping costs. In this case, Yahoo! Finance will refund the Buyer the full amount.

Step 5: Yahoo! Finance pays the Seller
Yahoo! Finance pays the Seller after all conditions of the transaction are met. 

Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we practise to deceive! Sir Walter Scott NEVER use instant payment services like Western Union or MoneyGram to buy items on the internet


Anonymous said...

Maria Curran, Even said she was a captain in the military. she said whe wasn't shipping and then she said its at the Military Logistic Dept sealed and ready for shipping. We know it doesn't work that way because were prior service. I wish people would be honest hard working instead of theiving and lying. She also is using Yahoo buyer protection. We backed out since she lied to us and it wouldn't be on the spot look and exchange. If it's to good to be true I guess it is. Please research and be careful.

Anonymous said...

The same woman tried to sell me a Honda gold wing trike. Great looking trike. Great price. $3200. She had it on craigslist. With a number to text her. After I contacted her, she took it off craigslist. I gave her my email for more pics of the trike. A day later, she comes back, with the yahoo finance buyers protection scam. Same thing, the trick was ready to be shipped for my inspection. I told her I would only buy it after I met with her and had my mechanic looked at it and took it for a test drive. No reply from her after that.

Anonymous said...

she is now trying to sell a Honda Goldwing trike for 3200 it's worth maybe fifteen to twenty thousand she tried to get me on this deal

Anonymous said...

This Maria person is trying to sell me a trike, thanks for the post, will bail on the deal too good to be true...

Anonymous said...

Same person, same deal, I also bailed!

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