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Fake shipping and escrow site.

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Exchange Protection Program (EPP) 

The Exchange Protection Program(EPP) is a method of trading assets, goods, documents and other instruments of value, via a secure and approved third party,
between two or more beneficiaries in accordance with specific instructions and conditions. EPP is based on collecting the merchandise from the seller, receiving and
securing the financial counter value from the buyer until the merchandise is delivered and has the buyer's conformity confirmation. The buyer has the option to test the
merchandise in a previously established Trial Period(2-15 days) before deciding to give a merchandise conformity or NON-conformity verdict.
The EPP procedure must comply with the Exchange Protection Rules detailed bellow :
Both seller and buyer must register on our website using correct and accurate details. Please be advised that providing false details will conduct in the cancellation of
you transaction and a permanent ban from our system .
The seller or buyer will post a new transaction on our website, filling out every required transaction description field(merchandise information, desired Trail Period length,
transaction currency...) . The seller can post the transaction for the buyer to review or the buyer can post the transaction for the seller to review.
Once the transaction has been posted, our system will automatically calculate the value of the Exchange Protection Program Deposit. The transaction can be Agreed or
Declined by the responsible party(If the seller has posted the transaction the buyer must Agree or Decline it. If the buyer has posted the transaction the seller must
Agree or Decline it) .
If the transaction has been agreed the merchandise will be collected from the seller. Please note that the seller must fill in the following forms upon merchandise
collection : Visual State Form, Technical State Form, Ownership Form, Legal liability Declaration Form .The collected merchandise will undergo an inspection by our
specially trained team, whom will check for any discrepancies between the actual condition of the merchandise and condition described in the transaction description
fields. The ownership rights, sale rights and lien holders will also be verified during the inspection.
Our inspection team retains the right to cancel the transaction if the above mentioned conditions of the merchandise are not met.
If the merchandise passes our team's inspection procedure the transaction will be officially approved, a summary of the inspection will be remitted to the buyer and
merchandise will be prepared for transportation
Our billing department will prompt the buyer for the Exchange Protection Program Deposit associated with the transaction. As soon as the Exchange Protection Program
Deposit is received, identified, processed and secured by our billing department the transport procedure will begin. If the buyer fails to transfer the Exchange Protection
Program Deposit to our billing department in the indicated time length, the EPP procedure will be considered invalid and the transaction will be canceled.
The transit process can be monitored by all parties just by entering the assigned tracking number in the tracking section of our website.
Starting from the moment the buyer receives the merchandise, the previously selected Trial Period will commence. At anytime during the Trial Period, the buyer can
give a merchandise Conformity/Non-Conformity verdict. When the Trial Period has expired the buyer is obliged to provide a Conformity/Non-Conformity verdict. The
Conformity form will be provided upon merchandise delivery by the on filed agent accompanying your transaction and whom will guide you through the entire process.
In case a Non-Conformity verdict is established, the Exchange Protection Program Deposit will be refunded to the buyer and the merchandise will be returned to the
seller, on the seller's expense.
In case a Conformity verdict is established, a sale contract will be emitted. Our on-field agent accompanying the merchandise will be empowered to represent the seller
in all the involved legal aspects and sign all the required legal documents on the seller's behalf.
Once the merchandise is in definite and irrevocable legal possession of the buyer the Exchange Protection Program Deposit will be forwarded to the seller.
Please note that if the merchandise price is higher than the Exchange Protection Program Deposit, the buyer will be instructed to provide the remaining payment
difference before the sale contract is emitted. The full merchandise price will be forwarded to the seller.
If the buyer fails to pay the remaining amount in the instructed time period, the EPP procedure will be considered invalid, the transaction will be cancelled, the Exchange
Protection Program Deposit will be refunded to the buyer and the merchandise will be returned to the seller.
Vehicle Title Transfer Assistance

Our Title Transfer Assistance procedure is now included for free in any transaction involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes, boats, watercraft, off-road vehicles
and trailers from or to Europe, USA and Australia. The procedure covers the following aspects:
Collecting all the necessary data and paperwork from the involved parties.
Filling out the required documentation by a limited power of attorney.
Providing provisional usage facilitations(in ex: provisional plates and documents) until the process is completed
Offering professional title transfer and vehicle registration consultancy.

Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we practise to deceive! Sir Walter Scott NEVER use instant payment services like Western Union or MoneyGram to buy items on the internet


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