Saturday, October 20, 2012

SAFE AUTO PRO Fraud Escrow Targeting Australians


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This fake shipping and escrow site is targeting car buyers in Australia.
I have tried in vain to contact the news comapny in Australia about these scammers but they refuse to repond.
I guess Laura Sparkes
 only interested in doing videos of people who already got ripped off and are willing to spill their guts and cry on TV:
The doe eyed supposed expert, Mr Darson?,  in the video mentions the fake escrow as being a new way of scamming people.
He is sadly mistaken.

( for Western Union being used.......
4 BILLION DOLLARS were funneled into Romania using that service in 2009.
Can you imagine how much money Western Union makes off scams?
The victims pay a fee and then the scammers pay fees to forward the cash.)

The page also contains a list of the previous sites run by these Romanian scammers that targeted Australian victims.

If you'd like more information on these scams feel free to contact me:



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