Thursday, November 15, 2012

40 Search Warrants Issued in Romania For eBay Scammers

BCCO Bucharest executed 40 search warrants in Bucharest, Ploiesti, Brasov, Slatina and Constanta.
Also there are simultaneous search warrants executed in Germany and Italy.
It is estimated at least 40 suspects were arrested. At least 55 persons will be presented to the judge for arrest warrant.
One of the main suspects is a police officer.
Counting the mules and the other accomplices about 100 persons will be indicted.

The suspects were selling expensive fictitious items (mostly expensive watches and jewelries) on eBay and received payments through PayPal. The suspects withdrew the money from different banks in Europe and Paypal reimbursed the victims taking the loss.
The suspects also were involved in phishing.

The charges are:
- initiation and creation of criminal organized group, violation of (art. 7 alin. 1 of the  Law nr. 39/2003, for preventing and combating the organized crime)
- supporting in any way a grup to commit crimes, violation of art. 8 of the Law  nr. 39/2003 cu ref. la art. 323 C. pen.
- manufacturing and deteining equipments for counterfeiting electronic payment instruments, violation of Law nr. 365/2002, regarding the electronic comerce, cu aplic. art. 41 alin. 2 C.pen.
- counterfeiting electronic payment instruments, violation of art. 24 alin. 1 din Legea nr. 365/2002
- introducing in circulation of countefeit electronic payment instruments, violation of art. 24 alin. 1, 2 of the Law  nr. 365/2002
- fals informatic, prevăzut de art. 48 din Legea nr. 161/2003 cu aplic. art. 41 alin. 2 C.p.
- computer fraud, violation of art. 49 of the Law nr. 161/2003 cu aplic. art. 41 alin. 2 C.p.
- unhautorized possesion of passwords/access codes, violation of art. 46 alin. 2 din Legea nr. 161/2003
- conducting fraudulent financial operations, vilation of art. 27 alin. 3 din Legea nr. 365/2002, cu ref. la art. art. 1 pct. 11 şi cu aplic. art. 41 alin. 2 C.p. (fapte descrise la pct. 3 şi 4 ordonanţă), toate infracţiunile cu aplic. art. 33 lit. a şi b C.p.

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Rough translation:

Prosecutors of the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism is executing on Wednesday 32 search warrants in Bucharest, Constanta and Ploiesti, to dismantle an international organized criminal group consisting of 29 people, including a policeman is specialized in computer and internet crimes. According to a press release DIICOT searches occur simultaneously in Germany and Italy. Investigators say the members of the criminal group  acted in order to obtain substantial financial benefits from the activity of manufacturing / possession of counterfeiting equipment crafted for electronic payment instruments. The devices were made in Romania, transported by shipping companies to Germany and Italy and sold to other suspects for committing skimming activities. Card data thus obtained was used for writing blank cards and then for making fraudulent cash withdrawals from ATMs or make fraudulent financial transactions on POS in EU countries. Another charges is that defendants have launched phishing attacks, targeting customers and legitimate users of online payment service PayPal, in order to obtain the fraudulent data authentication / login (userid info and related passwords) and also the credit card information attached to the accounts. Another component of the criminal activity aimed to misleading many users of auction sites victimizing them through fictitious auctions. The members of the criminal group listed for sale on e-commerce sites mainly expensive jewelries and watches, known brands, goods never owned by the suspects. The suspects received the money from victims through the online payment platform PayPal, without the goods being delivered to buyers. The members of the criminal group were supported by a police officer from the General Metropolitan Police Directorate of Bucharest - CIS District 6, which provided to the members of the criminal group's personal information data of 55 Romanian citizens, data obtained by querying the police database. The information was used by fraudsters to counterfeit Romanian ID documents and to open bank accounts and paypal accounts.   In this case we've been assisted by  the Special Operations Division - IGRP, US Secret Service office from the  U.S. Embassy in Bucharest, authorities in Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France and also by the eBay company. 40 suspects will be brought at DIICOT for hearings who will decide at the end the legal measures.

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