Monday, March 7, 2011 Fraud Targets eBay Sellers FAKE FRAUD SCAM

Same scammer running:
Posted here: aka Accurate Escrow Inc. is a fake escrow site targeting eBay jewelry scammers.

The victims are being instructed to send valuable items via FEDEX to:
Calle de Campezo Nr 4
The scammer is using this name and email address:
Delia Allsop

The fake escrow company claims to be located at:
Phone: 1-801-409-5705

If you look closely at the page containing the guide:
you'll notice that the scammer neglected to update the page from his previous fraud escrow site:
"We would like to remind the Seller that the expenses of sending and receiving the money will be charged to the consignee. For information on bank's charges please send us a mail to"

Here is some data from a victim:


Unfortunately I have just found your site but thought you would like my details to add to your list!!!
In hindsight, like everyone, I am sure one feels a right idiot to have been taken in but at the time they have everything so tightly covered that it appears okay.

This is my record of events:

1.  Received initial interest from ebay member potterychef1 who has a listing of 416 with excellent references from people, albeit as a buyer or a seller.  As I was unable to send him an email which was, allsoppgreen @ he suggested I send further pictures of the watch to his other e-mail allsoppgree@hotmailcom, which turned out to be as I thought, his mother in Madrid, Spain.  We carried on with interesting e-mails back and forth until she made an offer of £6,000 plus escrow service and shipping.  She suggested the service of which always came up with Accurate Escrow Inc.  I registered and was given a transaction no., whereby she paid the money into them and it was showing with "waiting confirmation from buyer".

2.  Being slightly apprehensive I checked their license and everything seemed above board.  I therefore shipped the watch out to:  Delia Allsopp, Calle de Campezo Nr.4, Madrid, Spain, 28022 by FedEx at my cost.  At first FedEx said it was undeliverable as the address was wrong but they mistook the 4 for an H.  They then delivered it again but it was signed for by a SVicente at Campezo Nr. 3.  When we went mad about getting it signed for by the wrong person and at the wrong address they have since come back and said that it was a hotel and that the receptionist had signed for it.

3.  At the moment we are claiming from FedEx for misdelivery as I also had paid extra for insurance.

I have written this in the hope that it may help someone else. Although I see by your list that there are many of us that have fallen for this type of scam.

In the scheme of things - we are not in Japan where the loss is far greater.

Here are previous sites using the same template:

Here are some images of the scam site:

Here is text from the scam site:

You have made a deal with someone who lives thousands of miles away. If you are the Buyer, you can't be sure that you will receive the item you have agreed to purchase and the Seller can't be sure he or she won't receive a bad cheque. We make sure that the cheque has cleared before instructing the Seller to ship the item. Both Buyer and Seller are protected.
Let Us Introduce Ourselves
Accurate Escrow Inc. is an independent escrow company based in California.
We were born out of the ever increasing need for fast, reliable transactions which would also not exclude the one value that the Internet Community cherishes most: privacy.
How We Work
We contributed to the creation of a new dimension of e-commerce:
we developed a platform that would automate and secure most of the escrow processes in 5 easy steps, while also providing attentive, non-automated customer support through our customer care department.
What Our System Does For You
As a buyer, you are the beneficiary of our 5 - step process that postpones the release of your funds until a complete merchandise inspection, during the inspection period. You are also enjoying the advantages of using easily obtainable e-currencies, such as worldwide mobility and most of all, privacy. As a seller, you enjoy the flexibility of our cooperation with major ground-shipment providers, which translates into a reduction of the period of time in which your merchandise reaches your customer. You will also be highly protected against payment fraud, as all disadvantages resulting from credit card payment methods, such as fraudulent use by the prospective buyer, are eliminated.
An Escrow Service That Is Secure, Flexible And Fast
Accurate Escrow Inc. is hosted on secure servers using the latest in encryption technology. Alternative BS, the operator of this online system is a licensed and acredited escrow company that operates in compliance with currently applicable escrow regulations, and is also subject to the Financial and Business Code of Geneva..

Accurate Escrow Corp. adds trust to the transaction and reduces the potential risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects, holds and disburses funds according to the Buyer's and Seller's instructions. Accurate Escrow Corp. services are provided by a licensed and regulated escrow agent.

 Accurate Escrow Corp. is well-suited for items purchased on auction sites, automobiles, motorcycles, domain names, jewelry, specialized computer equipment, and other high-ticket items. When to use another payment service: If you know the other party involved in the transaction, or the merchandise can be personally delivered. Protection for both Buyer and Seller Buyers receive and inspect the merchandise before the Seller is paid. Sellers receive their money if the Buyer accepts the merchandise.
Online escrow is a five-step process. It protects the Seller by verifying funds, and protects the Buyer by allowing inspection of the merchandise before payment.
With Accurate Escrow Corp. , every step in your transaction is verified with proven tracking and verification procedures.

It is very easy to use the our services, just follow the steps below!
Step 1: Terms and data requests
To use Accurate Escrow Inc. you need to register. No problem . Registration is easy and free! If you have already registered type in your e-mail address and password and enter your Transaction page. To buy and sell goods, click on "Make a new transaction" and fill in the gaps. To see the state of a transaction in progress or to add new data in a particular transaction, click on the Identification Number which is shown on the list of your transactions. After both the Buyer and Seller have agreed on the terms of the transaction, we will ask the Buyer to pay Accurate Escrow Inc. .
Step 2: The Buyer pays Accurate Escrow Inc.
The Buyer can pay Accurate Escrow Inc. with Bank Transfer - PayPal - Credit Card (only for Accurate Users) . The money taken by us is transfered into a non interest account. To know our fee visit our fee calculator
Step 3: The Seller sends the goods
Once Accurate Escrow Inc. has received the payment, the Seller will be asked to send the goods to the Buyer. For security reasons we will never send in an e-mail information on the address where the goods are to be sent. All the information needed should be obtained by entering the appropriate transaction page.
Step 4: The Buyer approves the purchase
After the goods are received, the Buyer has the Inspection Period to value the purchase*, thus if the purchase is approved of, informing Accurate Escrow Inc. to authorize the transaction.
Step 5: The Seller is paid Accurate Escrow Inc. pays the Seller
We would like to remind the Seller that the expenses of sending and receiving the money will be charged to the consignee. For information on bank's charges please send us a mail to
* Note: If the Client is not satisfied with the goods, he/she can inform Accurate Escrow Inc. that the goods will be returned to the Seller. When the goods are returned, the Seller has, after receiving the goods, the Inspection Period to verify that the goods have been returned in their original condition.
After the Seller has confirmed the receipt and that the condition of the goods are to his/her satisfaction, Accurate Escrow Inc. will reimburse the Buyer minus the fee due. The Buyer has to inform Accurate Escrow Inc. of his/her decision within the Inspection Period. Accurate Escrow Inc. will make the payment to the Seller if the Buyer has not given any notification within that period of time.



author said...

Hi, I just wanted to add my latest experience.

First user with 835 positive comments contacted me and "checking ME out":

"Hi, i am interested on the item you are selling on ebay, so i hope you dont mind answering the following few questions for me; 1. Do you have proof of purchase? 2. Does it have any visible scratches or marks,it have all the document's? 3. If we did agree a deal, would you mind if we use a escrow company since is a large amount, at my cost obviously?You can also include your email for better communication.
I am sorry for all the questions, its just like i say i am very cautious.

- oraltx"

I responded and after a week he answered:

Sorry i was out of town if is still available here it is my offer!!!
The best what i get to complete our transaction is via escrow service,they are fast and secure on this.Here is my offer and how it work the escrow !!
2800 pounds(shipping included to Spain NEXT DAY),shipping with UPS,DHL,Fedex if you agree please start the transaction on (register and start a transaction)
1 After you register on you must start a transaction with my username ( ,and i will agree !
2 Then i will go to make the bank transfer to escrow service for your item and + all the fees for shipping and escrow service !
3 The escrow service will send you a notification regarding my payment !
4 Then you will start the shipping to me to complete your part !
5 Once you send the item you must send the email to service escrow to inform them about shipping details Tracking number,Time of delivery..etc..
6 After all are done the service escrow will inform me that the idem it is on the way and payment will be made for the seller in 24 hours after buyer finish the inspection day
7 You will receive the email from service escrow to give them all the info about how do you like to receive the money (Money Order,Bank Transfer,etc..)
About your question with the shipping company:
You must call them to come and pick up the idem ,you will pay them the shipping and to give them the address where to be delivery ,they will give you the tracking number for the package
That tracking number you must sent it to service escrow,to by check by them .The escrow company insured all the item at the value what is on the transaction !
I hope that i give you enough info about is working this service .
For other question please email back.

First of all the watch was listed for 2000 pounds.
Second, if you check mentioned escrow service... well, everything is wrong...
I started with checking CONTACT number in google. It immediately listed FRAUD.
THen WHOIS - this web was registered ONE DAY before seller contacted me!
There's more but I guess enough to be sure Its a fraud!

Just wanted to worn you guys.

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