Monday, March 7, 2011 FRAUD  FAKE FRAUD SCAM aka United States Logistic is a fake shipping and escrow site.
The scammers running the site ask for payments using Western Union.
"The Western Union Co. and USL are planning to expand their cooperation to introduce money-transfer services as well as strengthen business operations to foreign
customers. This MOU with Western Union strengthens our partnership, which started in North America over 18 years ago."
The site is hosted by MinMax Group Inc.

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Here are some images of the fraud site:

Here is text from the scam site:

Car Shipping and Auto Transport Related Products and Services
Phone/Fax: 512-532-1338
Location:11000 E 51st Ave, Denver , Colorado , 80239

Car Shipping and Auto Transport Related Products and Services
USL offers a variety of car shipping and vehicle relocation related services including:
Car Shipping and Auto Transport Services
Motorcycle shipping
Corporate Relocation Services
Car Dealer Relocation Services
Specialized Vehicle (ATV, RV, etc ) Shipping
International Car Shipping
Car Moving Resource Center
By listening to our customers, defining needs, and customizing our vehicle relocation programs, USL has made moving any vehicle simple. USL makes it easy to deliver
almost any vehicle to practically any location, worldwide.
* Cars * Motorcycles * Boats * RVs And * more!
Moving can be a difficult time. Your possessions have to be packed. You have to worry about placing your kids in a new school, your dogs on a new carpet, or maybe
you are more concerned about a new boss at a new job in an unfamiliar new city. With so much to deal with, car shipping shouldn't be a concern. That’s why United
States Logistic Services stands ready to relocate your vehicle where ever you need it, when you need it.
United States Logistic Services is the largest and most recognized auto shipping company in the country. For the past 30 years, USL has been delivering cars across the
country as well as all around the globe and back.
USL possesses the largest, most advanced car shipping fleet in the industry. Car carriers of all sizes and types are available to meet your specific requirements. A
multitude of options are available to meet your specific needs—you may wish to have your car delivered directly to your door or you may wish to pick your car up at one
of over 85 terminal locations across the country. Most of our vehicles ship onboard an enclosed transport to ensure maximum protection for your vehicle during its
Technology moves almost as fast as United States Logistic Services does. Satellite tracking provided by Qualcomm allows all of USL's customers to log on to the web
site to get the exact location of their car transport vehicle en route.
For the past 30 years, United States Logistic Services has been the auto transport company of choice. With the most experience in the industry and the highest quality
trucks and training for its employees, USL will make your car shipping as simple and worry-free as is possible. Just don't forget your goldfish.
What is Escrow?
An escrow agent is an independent trusted third party, which holds funds on behalf of parties entering into a transaction to ensure that such funds are only released when
certain conditions are satisfied: such as the satisfactory delivery of goods or services or certain conditions are satisfied on the sale of a business or company.
Many people will have used an escrow arrangement when purchasing a home. It is common in many U.S states for a real estate escrow agent (or sometimes an attorney)
to hold the home buyer's purchase funds on escrow for a short period of time on or around the transaction completion date, until the buyer confirms that their final physical
inspection of the house has not unearthed any new problems. At this point, the escrow agent releases the purchase funds to the seller. If the buyer does find any new
problems, the escrow agent will continue to hold the funds until the matter is resolved. Both transaction counterparties therefore gain the comfort of knowing that the funds
will continue to be held by an independent third party until any dispute is resolved.
Escrow arrangements are also frequently used in a variety of commercial transactions to protect each transaction party against default by another transaction party. The
need for a trusted independent escrow agent often becomes paramount when parties are located in different jurisdictions, have little or no history of prior commercial
dealings, and/or the terms of the commercial transaction call for payments to be released gradually from the payer to the payee over time or only on satisfaction of certain
pre-agreed conditions.
Business or Company acquisitions in which the purchaser may want their initial 'good faith deposit' held on escrow by an independent third party pending acceptance (or
rejection) of their offer and completion of their due diligence, or after transaction closing the purchaser and seller have agreed that a portion of the purchase proceeds will
be held back on escrow pending satisfaction of certain conditions (for example that there has been no breach by the Seller of any representation or warranty in the
purchase agreement or certain post-completion financial targets for the business agreed by the parties have been met).
Major asset or equipment purchases in which the purchaser wants to physically inspect the equipment or asset before releasing all or part of the purchase funds, but is
not in a position to make such physical inspection at closing of the transaction (for example because the supplier is located in another country).
Trade purchases of goods or services in which the supplier of goods or services and the purchaser are located in different countries or states and/or have no prior
history of transacting with (or even meeting with) one another. The supplier may for example require payment in full into an escrow account before shipping the goods or
payment of a goodwill deposit into an escrow account before starting to provide services to the purchaser.
The Western Union Co. and USL are planning to expand their cooperation to introduce money-transfer services as well as strengthen business operations to foreign
customers. This MOU with Western Union strengthens our partnership, which started in North America over 18 years ago.


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