Saturday, May 14, 2011 FRAUD FAKE FRAUD SCAM

New site by same scammers: is a fake shipping company run by Romanian scammers.
There is no such thing in real life as a shipping and escrow company.

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Previous fraud domains used by this scammer are:
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The fake company claims to be in Italy:

Ecoparcel L.T.D.
reg c.c 27351381
IT- 821128693B01
Via Savoia, 78
00198, Rome

The site is a spoof of the real site:
*Please Note*
This is not an endorsement.
Always do your background work when dealing with online companies.

The scammers running this site are posting ads for apartment rentals and asking for payments using MoneyGram.
NEVER use MoneyGram or Western Union to pay for items on the internet.
Once the money is picked up there is no way to get it back.
On the scam site FAQ:
Q:How can I pay for shipping services?
A:At this time we only accept Money Gram and Western Union.
This is because they are fraud.

Here are some images of the site:

Here is text from the site:

About us
Ecoparcel provides the booking of delivery services for all types of users. Our services are for users who wants to send a parcel at the best price and for partners who want offer delivery services.
How does it work?
Ecoparcel partners uploads their price lists in to the ecoparcel database. If you have some regular traffic in your city or country or some lines are half empty, you just upload your best offers and increase your volume without harming your brand or misleading existing customers. Number of partners is constantly growing, which allows to offer the best price for users. When the ecoparcel user wants to send a parcel, we will offer the best price from price lists acording to the referred delivery data.
Save your time and book a parcel delivery by using our system for your regular parcel shipping.
Benefits for users:
◦totally free registration
◦find the best price and save your money
◦delivery with European Union proved parcel providers
◦create templates for you favourit deliveries
◦create delivery addresses to avoid having to re-enter their details
◦can view orders history
◦mark the parcel with printed stickers
◦on-line parcel tracking
Ecoparcel free service is available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Address and legal information:

Ecoparcel L.T.D.
reg c.c 27351381
IT- 821128693B01
Via Savoia, 78
00198, Rome

Who can use ecoparcel?
A:ecoparcel provides the booking of delivery services for all types of users. Our services for anyone who wants to send a parcel at the best price.
Q:How much does it cost registration for the ecoparcel website?
A:Registration for the ecoparcel website is completely free. You will pay only for the shipping services.
Q:How can I pay for shipping services?
A:At this time we only accept Money Gram and Western Union.
Q:Where can I send a parcel?
A:The parcels can be sent anywhere in Europe.
Q:Will my parcels be fully insured?
A:Standard insurance is 500 Euro per parcel. Please read "Official Ecoparcel terms and conditions". For escrow services any seller/renter has to purchase a 3000 Euro protection account.
Q:Why you mixed up my parcels?
A:Please print ecolabels and stick to correct parcel. When courier arrives please make sure he is sticking own labels to correct parcels (as some partners use extra own labels)
Q:Why nobody came to pick up my parcel?
A:Some times it happened due to various reasons. Best way to check why, is to see for parcel tracking information on this page or submit new information or your question via contact page (do not forget enter parcel number)
Q:Why I did not receive e-mail confirmation after registration?
A:Please check your spam filter as registration confirmations are sent automatically. If there is nothing in spam filter please write letter using this contact form below with subject "authorize manually"
Q:Where I can find parcel number?
A:After you fill in order system send to your e-mail confirmation and parcel labels as .pdf attachment. In this confirmation and on labels you can see parcel number. Normally it starts with 100....
Q:How can I call you?
A:We are web based parcel company and offer economical and ecological business approach. There are two possibilities to contact us. 1. For NON parcel questions you can fill in contact form below. 2. For parcel questions you have to open ticket in contact page form and enter parcel number, this way you get in touch with partner directly.
Q:Do you pick up parcel from my location?
A:Yes, courier could arrive during all day to your address. Unfortunately it's not possible for a moment to specify exact delivery time.
Q:When do you arrive to collect my parcel?
A:If you place your order before 12:00 CET (Central European Time) courier arrive for pick up next day.
Q:What kind of shipments you deliver?
A:Mainly we deliver all kind (standard) of parcels and shipments from 1kg up to 10.000 kg. Parcels from 1 kg upto 50 kg must be packed properly to be handled by mechanical sorting conveyors. Shipments over 50 kg must be packed on pallet as you get one label ONLY.
Q:What kind of goods does your escrow service cover?
A:Our escrow service covers goods up to 5,000 EUR or equivalent. From laptops and phones to keys, you can buy or sell anything, and stay assured that you are protected.
Q:Why I can't get price on your web site?
A:If you enter right ZIP codes and you get message: We`re sorry, but currently there is no offers available for your query. It means we do not have valid offer for your query. If you like to work with ECOPARCEL, you can offer your local service provider to join our system as partner and you will have your rates here.
Q:Do you make special offer or disccount?
A:We try to offer most competitive prices on market. Partners enter their best prices for special regions or special timings so extra discounts is not available at the moment.
Q:How to cancel my order?
A:If your order is not picked up yet, you can log in and push red cancel button next to your order. When canceled partner receive notifications and must confirm cancel.(Please note that partner can't confirm cancel if parcel already collected). After this you get short e-mail notification with instructions how to get refund.
Q:Can I send dangerous goods (DGR) with you?
A:No, we do not accept dangerous goods. If we find any dangerous goods in package (for some destinations parcels travel by air) parcel can be stopped for further investigation.
Q:Why for some countries you ask 5 digits ZIP code when we have only 4 digits?
A:In all EU we use standard 5 digits ZIP (postal) codes system (except in some countries like Austria, Ireland and few more). If you do not know for sure pick up or consignee ZIP code, we recommend check it with local post office website. If still you have different ZIP code and our website does not accept it, we recommend enter first digits what you have and maximum 1-2 last digits enter from "air" (as normally first digits define area). Real ZIP code which you know as good one please enter in comment field when you make booking.
Q:Can I change pick up or delivery address after I placed order?
A:You can not change order you sent. If your order details changed, you should cancel order one day prior to pick up date and place new order.
Q:Can you pick up or deliver my parcel at specific time?
A:Couriers and drivers deliver parcels and shipments all working day. There is no possibility at the moment to arrange special pick up or delivery.
Q:Should I register as USER or as PARTNER or affiliate?
A:If you have shipments for delivery, you have to register as USER, if you are transport or logistic company and would like to gain new customers - you have to register as PARTNER. If you are USER and would like to promote ECOPARCEL services, you can register affiliate program and place our banner to your web site and get extra income.
Q:I did not receive e-mail with labels for parcels.
A:Labels are sent automatically, so you have to receive it within minute. If you did not receive first please check you 'spam' filter, second log in to your account and click My orders menu, select pick up date and print your labels.
Q:Do you deliver parcel to the door?
A:Yes, we deliver parcel to the door. Courier deliver parcel to address on your eco label.
Q:How can I do to ship more than one parcel to the same consignee at the same time?
A:You have to create new (another one) parcel, pay for it and book. At one time you can create just one parcel/shipment and receive one label.
Q:What does it mean "Ticket closed" or "ticket open" on the status of one of my shipments?
A:Ticket open means your question, ticket closed means our answer
Q:Why I can find rate for my parcel?
A:We have rates ONLY to destinations where our partners can offer. If you do not find rate you can try later or invite your local logistic provider to join our system and privide with rates.
Q:How parcel must be packed?
A:Parcels up to 50 kg must be packed properly to be handled by mechanical sorting conveyors and package must protect 40 cm drop. Shipments over 50 kg must be packed as one unit on pallet. If you sending suitcase it will serve as package or to protect suitcase we recommend to pack it additionally.
Q:What do you do when consignee is absent?
A:We try to deliver one more time and enter status on track and trace page as consignee not in.
Q:Can I send parcel on Saturday?
A:Parcel can be sent or received any day of the week. Our couriers work 24/7.

Escrow for Goods
Safe, convenient and flexible escrow and shipping service. We protect both buyers and sellers, providing a seamless and secure transaction.
1. Buyer and seller agree to terms and register at Ecoparcel  
Both parties agree on particulars like price and description.
2. Buyer makes payment to Ecoparcel.  
With all details of the transaction confimed the buyer can make the payment to Ecoparcel
3. Seller receives shipment authorisation.  

4. Buyer receives and accepts the goods.  
Once received the buyer can accept the goods at anytime during the 'Inspection Period'.
At the end of the period the buyer must accept or return the items.   
5. Seller is paid.  
As soon as the buyer has accepted the goods the seller receives the payment.

Rental Escrow
Ecoparcel's goal is for every online transaction to go as planned - safely and without surprises. We have verified the owner's identity, financial stability, and ability to honor their sales terms and conditions.
* Prospective tenant and Home owner Know What to Expect: The prospective tenant and home owner view and agree to terms before the transaction begins.
* Payments are Guaranteed: Instead of sending payment directly to the home owner, the tenant sends payment to Ecoparcel, where it's held in a safety account.
* Shipments are Safe: The home owner may feel safe when shipping the merchandise to the buyer, knowing that the tenant's payment has been verified and is safely held by Ecoparcel.
* Inspect Before You Pay: If the home owner and tenant agree to an inspection period, the tenant may examine the apartment before payment is released to the home owner (and if the tenant rejects the apartment , the deposit is returned to him/her in full , no question asked )
What happens if the home owner does not respond after the payment is completed?
Transactions with this home owner are covered by purchase protection against fraud and description errors.For your safety, this account was locked today, for 30 days time period.
Should you need a refund for this transaction?
The insured amount of the transaction will be taken from the seller's purchase protection account and refunded to you. The refund is given to you in cash after the viewing of the apartment .You have 14 days from the above verification date to request the refund. Refund requests are processed right away .
The program covers the following types of fraud and material misrepresentation:
-Sending a deposit for an apartment that does not correspond to the pictures and description (restrictions apply to nonrefundable deposits).
-Sending a deposit for an apartment that is not the property of the given home owner
Second, the Program will refund the deposit in full for refusing the rental for whatever the reason

Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we practise to deceive! Sir Walter Scott NEVER use instant payment services like Western Union or MoneyGram to buy items on the internet


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