Saturday, July 9, 2011 FRAUD  FAKE FRAUD SCAM is a fake shipping and escrow site run by scammers in Romania.

The site is hosted by:
GIGAONLINE.RO and is located on a server in the USA.
Send complaints to: or call them at 1-404-492-9513

Scammer is using:

Here is how I sell the bike, so you can test it before I will receive the payment so we can both be protected.

The price is $3000 shipping included to your address, all papers and a bill of sale come along with the bike, so you can register it on your name. You will deposit the payment to the shipping company using a safe method of payment like bank transfer, no Western Union.
All you have to do is go to <> register with them, and get back to me when you have done that. Also read their pages so you know how they work. I will start a transaction with them as soon as you agree. They will take care of the shipping and of our transaction. After the transaction is started, you will receive all information about the payment and shipping process. This transaction will takes 2 days to complete and is very safe and secure. I have used this shipping company before and I am very satisfied with their services.
I will explain you how it works in steps:
1. I give them the bike for packing and shipping.
2. You send them the money.
3. They send you the bike.
4. You receive the bike and you will have 15 days inspection period to test it and check the papers (I will receive the money ONLY if you agree to keep the bike, if not you will be fully refunded by the shipping company).
5. If all is OK and you decide to keep the bike I will receive the payment.
Please let me know if you have other questions,
Here is an image of the site:

Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we practise to deceive! Sir Walter Scott NEVER use instant payment services like Western Union or MoneyGram to buy items on the internet


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Thanks because of your website today you just saved me from making an 8000.00.mistake.

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